Cookies help us deliver our Services. (I thought about a south division for the IFL, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro...etc but I’m not sure it would fly...see the NFL moving Mexico City’s game and baseball players getting held for ransom and let’s not forget what happens when you kick it in the wrong goal... so any pick 6 in the wrong town could result to a little more than a new Facebook meme if ya catch my drift:). With the XFL returning in 2020, there is potentially good news on the horizon. Press J to jump to the feed. Fort Worth, huge city, constantly expanding, I’d like to have a pro team of some sort, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Open tryouts?!?! Player Registration Info. The XFL is back, and under new ownership! I think that given the right situation, an additional fall 2021 exhibition season would be great for the XFL and football fans. Players would all receive new contracts separate from existing XFL contracts, meaning that XFL players would not be forced to play the unexpected exhibition season, and that teams could sign locked out NFL players without any future commitment to the XFL and be able to play in the NFL as soon as it starts back up (so long as the NFLPA is willing to let them sign). For the love of football. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports there is language in the contracts of new coaches that indicate teams are preparing for a work stoppage in 2021. 10: BRUCEEEEEE, Jets fans revolt after Adam Gase named head coach; switch to the XFL, Isaac Bruce open to coaching the St. Louis XFL Franchise, Packers interview XFL Consultant for Head Coach position, USF expert doesn’t see second football league succeeding in Tampa, The Spring League and What to Know About the Fall 2020 Season. “Teams are trying to protect themselves and save money in the event of missed time, using different percentages for amounts of the football season that could be missed in 2021.”. I don't see them merging as soon as that but within 5 years. Leagues participate in drafts in the same manner as the NFL with worst record picking first etc. I'm doubting NFL venues would be willing to host their competition, so the next best choice would be college and MLS stadiums which are usually empty on Sundays. Definitely think the Bay Area is high on the list if a stadium could be found and then I'd guess they'd look at another Northeast market (Boston or Philly) and either another midwest market (Detroit or maybe Columbus) or add a 2nd team in the South (Atlanta has to be a target at some point). I do think the league will attempt to get to 12 teams fairly rapidly (5-6 years) in order to truly be a national league. The Rock and Dany Garcia become new part-owners in the league, with possible plans for a 2021 season! With the XFL returning in 2020, there is potentially good news on the horizon. I’d recommend two bye weeks per team in the regular season. Schefter notes that his source “thought both teams and coaches are confident that there will be some type of disruption” and noted the language that’s showing up in coach’s contracts will likely start showing up in new player deals this coming spring as well. The XFL would sell it's television rights to Fox, CBS, and NBS to fill what would normally be their Sunday NFL time slots. Covid-19 ended the 2020 season for the XFL earlier than anyone could’ve anticipated. In his recent interview with PFT, Oliver Luck said that the XFL would probably not attempt to move the season to the fall of 2021 if the NFL went into a lockout. The XFL, which was acquired over the summer by Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia and RedBird Capital Partners, says it will not play in 2021 but plans to … Toronto shouldn't have to share with Buffalo, Columbus Ohio cause the Browns ain't exactly the Iron gripped monsters that any other team can be. Still, I would like to see the league expand to 12 or even 16 teams. (Former West Virginia safety Kenny Robinson followed that … We also share information about Learn More. Now, if come year 4 all 8 teams are doing well in their home cities, then expansion is definitely on the table. While an outdoor stadium with a primary tenant usually has an open schedule, the convention center is booked almost every weekend, though not every event uses the Dome, but many do. I think the bigger question will be do all 8 of the original markets prove themselves to be viable? Preferably all leagues have the same rules, scoring systems, clock timing, roster limits, pay scales, etc. It's not baseball, soccer, or basketball where there is a world appeal and prospects.