[1], At a job fair in December 1975, Earle met a young man named Dale Cooper, who had an interest in joining the bureau. [3], He told Leo about the dugpas, saying that he would have appreciated them.

Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. EDIT: Windom Earle's face and black teeth were the scariest part of that episode. The Autobiography of F.B.I. He watched them as they tried to decipher his message. He picked one more card: a king with Cooper's face on it.

Academically, Earle would prove to be quite a prodigy in his youth. [9], Later, Earle observed Cooper spending a romantic time with Annie Blackburn, and he smirked. He features in the second season. While his killing spree was originally stylized as a chess game with Dale Cooper with each victim being a lost figure of Cooper's in a play, it was later revealed to mostly being a facade for his real actions regarding The Black Lodge. Full Name During his absence, Cooper began to bond with Earle's wife, Caroline. [21], Subtitles on various releases of Twin Peaks erroneously state that Sarah Palmer speaks with Earle's voice in her scene with Major Briggs in Episode 29.[22]. Caroline was found when she was arrested for prostitution in lower Manhattan, suffering from a heroin addiction. Kenneth Welsh. Most of Earle's disguises were Welsh's own ideas. Used to deliver a message to, Trucker - "Courtwright Diesel & Machines" baseball cap, a single gold tooth, a fat suit under the shirt. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They also discussed that he was loaned out for two years to the Air Force in 1965 as part of Project Blue Book although it was top secret for national security. He took her to the circle of Sycamore trees, where she became hypnotized and he led her into the Black Lodge. Following this, Earle was institutionalized. He then had Leo pick three cards from a deck: three queens, with Donna, Audrey, and Shelly's faces on them. We live inside a dream... Press J to jump to the feed.

Earle claims to have killed his wife Caroline, the love of Cooper’s life.

Windom Earle is a main antagonist in the American TV series Twin Peaks, played by Kenneth Welsh. Windom Earle was a former FBI agent, paired up with Agent Dale Cooper, later declared insane following the murder of his wife, Caroline. EDIT: One thing worth mentioning is that we only see three characters go through this, and each one experiences this temporary change very soon before they enter the Black Lodge: Laura just days before her death, Leland immediately before he steps through the gateway, and Windom the day prior to taking Annie to Glastonbury Grove. When he had worked with Cooper, they played a game every day.

Apparently, it's supposed to Crimes [9] He showed him photos of Donna Hayward, Shelly Johnson, and Audrey Horne, asking which one would be his "queen. I know that's a bit of a reach sometimes, but I'm curious as to what people think.

By the age of fourteen he became a c… [7] He began taunting Cooper by sending him chess deals[8] and articles of Caroline's clothes from their wedding to various locations.

The Twin Peaks Gazette printed the move as B to QB4 (Bishop to Queen's Bishop 4)[19], Earle: N to KB3 (Knight to King's Bishop 3)[11], Cooper/Pete: P to QR3 (Pawn to Queen's Rook 3)[2]. By the age of fourteen he became a chess grandmaster, by age sixteen, he joined the University of Pennsylvania, before earning a degree in criminal justice at age eighteen. I think it happens when they are possessed and the Black Lodge starts to "consume" them. That shadow on the curtain during Cooper's dream at the end of the second episode. [20] He does incidentally appear in the series; footage from Episode 29 featured in Part 2 and Part 5 as flashbacks of Dale Cooper and his doppelganger, respectively, feature his shadow and a brief glimpse of his jacketed shoulder, which shows several times due to footage being looped.

Windom Earle Cooper: N to QB3 (Knight to Queen's Bishop 3)[16], Cooper/Pete: P to QN3 (Pawn to Queen's Knight 3)[10], Pete claimed that Earle would not be able to take another piece before five or six moves although he actually did in just three moves. He also has a fascination with the Black Lodge, whose secrets he is trying to unlock, as well as black magic.

This is the same scene where he introduces the bag of spiders that he uses to trap Leo in the cabin. Welsh wasn't asked to reprise his role in the 2017 series, but he would have been loved to. Earle had a reluctant Leo bring him an arrow, which he then fired into Rusty, killing him. Major Garland Briggs states that Earle was involved in Project Blue Book, as was Briggs; however, their investigation in which Earle was involved was directly related to Twin Peaks and not the usual UFO investigations. Find the Black Lodge through whatever means necessary. At another, he shuts down the town’s power station causing chaos. Any act of removing this villain from the category without a Removal Proposal shall be considered vandalism (or a futile "heroic" attempt of redemption) and the user will have high chances of being terminated blocked.