I think since the last time we came here in 2013, the popularity of the Warriors has grown tenfold, so it's going to be a different vibe this time around and I'm looking forward to it.". I did not recall basketball being popular in China growing up. When the Minnesota Timberwolves tip off in a sold-out game against the Golden State Warriors in Shenzhen next Thursday, the most popular jersey worn into the stadium won't belong to Stephen Curry, Karl-Anthony Towns or even Yao Ming; it'll be Kobe Bryant's. Some even jokingly said Rockets was the Chinese national basketball team, and it doesn't feel exaggerated. The biggest cost of the U.S.-China trade war is the lack of cooperation against Covid-19. NBA players have commented about how crazy the fans are in their China tours. "Hopefully I can get rid of all those fouls in the preseason," he said. Food is a true part of China. Adam Minter is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. How did it become so popular?......edit: what are the socio-economic reasons if any? The intensity that Curry and the rest of the players felt before the game carried over into the game itself. Was it always popular but internet allowed China access to the NBA? In this post, we’ll look at why China dominates table tennis and what makes this sport so popular in China? The allure of Curry's game, at home and abroad, is that his play on the floor speaks a universal language. Basketball: with all that happened to Yugoslavia, we are still best non-US country in the world (Watch out for Australia) Water polo - not so popular, but still we are dominating the world scene in this sport for past 30 years. Ie US troops made basketball popular in the Philippines, Eastern European countries liked basketball as a cheap indoor winter sport and as a way to compete with the US. The enthusiasm for Bryant -- still the most popular athlete in China, despite his recent retirement -- is evidence of something that's rarely acknowledged: Basketball, not the soccer so loved by Chinese President Xi Jinping, is China's real sport. During the 2017 NBA Finals, more than 190 million Chinese streamed the games on their mobile devices. Before it's here, it's on the Bloomberg Terminal. The game grew among their students, including early members of the Communist Party. Players on both teams felt the same kind of responsibility that Curry articulated earlier in the week. A subreddit dedicated for NBA news and discussion. Curry smiled while processing what he wanted to say. Basketball was introduced into China by foreign missionaries shortly after its late 19th century invention.

You're just trying to get back into the game speed and stop hacking.". They wanted to get the full experience, and you kind of feel that when you step on the floor for warm-ups. "This is just not like you.". I don't think Kobe is a major reason, he is popular, there is not denying of that. China is hosting the FIBA world cup. Press J to jump to the feed.