It’s a bit different these days because there are coaching staff, so there is delegation. Isn't there an enormous conflict?" Even though you’re not, no coach ever has been. Doesn’t sound too healthy? To install click the Add extension button. Leigh Raymond Matthews (born 1 March 1952) is a former Australian rules footballer and coach. [9][7], Less than two weeks after sentencing, Moodley informed the Johannesburg High Court he wished to file an application for leave to appeal his sentence. he said. Stimulated yeah, challenged yeah, but fun? If one came home and said to you that she was engaged to one of the players who you had coached, who would you hope it was? "I thought to myself If I was a player, I would be livid at that thought (of giving up money)," Matthews said on 3AW Sportsday. The draft and the salary cap have been useful, but when you have a cap on the players but not the coaches that’s where the rich clubs spend their money. Married, father and a premiership — a lot certainly happened in ’71. LM: When you ask that question, I think of probably the best game I’ve played. When I eventually coached I just assumed that all players were totally selfish. Leigh Matthews (8 July 1983 – 9 July 2004) was a South African university student who was kidnapped and murdered. That’s football’s greatest problem. [20][15][21][22], On 4 August 2010, an application filed in the Constitutional Court for leave to appeal his sentence was dismissed unanimously by then Chief Justice Sandile Ngcobo and the other ten judges of the Constitutional Court. Criminal or Civil Court records found on Leigh's Background Report Criminal or Civil Court records found on Leigh's Family, Friends, Neighbors, or Classmates View Details Leigh Matthews, 34 Morehead City, NC He said he approached Matthews in the campus parking lot and asked her for a lift. LEIGH Matthews has done everything in the game, but acts like he hasn’t done a thing. And that was a pretty good starting point to try and provide the win-wins you need, to get an individual to contribute to the team. You can find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out As Sheeds said, he only had eight hours of joy in his coaching career. H: Some of the senior coaches were surveyed last year and the words that kept coming up were depressed, sleep-deprived, anxious and lonely. The modern footballers are still obsessed like that I’m sure, but they train during the day, and get home to see their kids and family. [16][17][18][15], In 2006, he claimed he had not acted alone in the murder and had been framed. If you had a good game, and the team played well, it was a nice feeling for a day or so, but it never lasted. Sometimes that’s the only consolation. Leigh Matthews admits “shame” and… VFL/AFL great Leigh Matthews says the Andrew Gaff incident only brings back bad memories for him. Our own kids grow up so quick that it’s great to have that youth around again. [9][10] He identified 24-year-old Donovan Moodley as his prime suspect. But that complete loss of control — it’s very unnerving. H: If you were AFL CEO for a day, what would be on the top of your ‘to do’ list? I know there were some incidents that happened on the absolute spur of the moment when I inflicted violence on other players, that happened. The aftermath was just so gigantic — there were about 1200 death notices in the Herald Sun. Uncover details on Leigh's Social Media Profiles, Public Records, Criminal Records & much more. I think it’s the most logical thing to say — try not to have your wife going into labour in September. I always think that's pretty generous of the players. I wasn’t doing it for fun. Leigh Matthews (8 July 1983 – 9 July 2004) was a South African university student who was kidnapped and murdered. [23], On 1 February 2012, an application filed in the Johannesburg High Court for his conviction to be set aside or a retrial was dismissed by Judge Joop Labuschagne. H: From what I have seen you are an exceptionally involved grandfather. You can’t speak of football and death in similar parameters, but it would have been terrible to think that you had to play the following week; I don’t know that you could have. White line fever means you sort of go crazy …. Would you continue to tell players not to have unprotected sex in January? H: No I didn’t mean that, I mean in a completely respectful way.