Find Exclusive Twice Fashion & Twice Clothes And Look Like Your Favorite Idol - Nayeon's & Sana's & More Twice Outfits - Check It Out Now! Add to collection. Instead, each member wore different kinds of tailored uniforms which were dominated by the color of blue and white with a little hint of red. International Fanbase for 레드벨벳 RED VELVET's LEADER 아이린 IRENE (Bae Juhyun) || [@REDVELVETNow & @reveluvunion ] ❤ = OPs. Bored of wearing the same old dark-colored gown for a social gathering? The K-Drop - TWICE in “Feel Special” outfits. The main rapper of TWICE, Chaeyoung has an assortment of outfits, making her the group’s most modist member when it comes to dressing up. The classy vibe certainly exudes from these pictures of Myoui Mina! Article by venus. “Why … why??? If I were Dahyun, I would have cried and tore my clothesㅠㅠㅠㅠ The members wore weird outfits today except for Jeongyeon and Tzuyu who looked alright. See more ideas about Stage outfits, Kpop girls, Korean girl. It seems like the Black Swan of TWICE, Mina falls in love with checkered pattern clothes as it can be seen that she wears outfits with the said pattern numerous times. Will Lisa help the woman she is in love with and watch her be in love with someone else? the theme is very unique, a kind of fairy in the forest. TWICE become the sweet school girls for their ‘Signal’ promo. White and pastel purple become the dominating color for TWICEcoaster: LANE 1 as the girls look more girlish compared to their appearance on the preceding concepts.

unleash your specialness in this gorgeous teal dress! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Why … why???

Moreover, Dahyun’s practical side can be seen by the usage of a black backpack on her back, while a bucket hat and baseball cap often cover her head. On September 26, they were present at the M COUNTDOWN rehearsal photo event. find photos, videos, translations and more here! Close. The latest Tweets from IRENE (아이린) NEWS (@Baejoohyunews). At last, Chaeyoung goes for the simple look by wearing a white shirt with grey stripes, pale blue jeans, and ring on her index finger.

Please do not edit or remove the logo of any fantakens posted here. Seems like Hirai Momo’s motto for her fashion is simplicity at its best, don’t you agree? 988. Posted by.

Shall we check it out? View of all of roa's Collections on Fashmates. This comeback is truly remarkable. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Instead, try combining a red pullover and monochrome checkered pattern coat. Nayeon Kpop Outfits Stage Outfits Fashion Outfits Twice Dahyun Tzuyu Twice South Korean Girls Korean Girl Groups Twice Kpop Luce In Altis on Twitter “190923 Feel Special 쇼케이스 다현 아이돌룸 보고 올게요~ #트와이스 #TWICE #다현 #DAHYUN #ダヒョン” I love TWICE. Photo album containing 24 pictures of TWICE. Moreover, the appearance of TWICE was also complemented on their accessories, such as dangling earrings (Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung, Dahyun, Mina, Jihyo), button earrings (Nayeon, Momo, and Sana), and a necklace (Nayeon).