Explore the map. The Great Trail (also called the Great Path) was a network of footpaths created by Algonquian and Iroquoian-speaking indigenous peoples prior to the arrival of European colonists in North America.It connected the areas of New England and eastern Canada, and the mid-Atlantic regions to each other and to the Great Lakes region. Find an experience that resonates with you on the Great Trail.

Travel The Great Trail of Canada Your Way Whether you are looking for a place to hike, cycle, paddle, ride, cross-country ski or snowmobile, you can find an experience that resonates with you. The Great Trail is the world's longest network of recreational trails. Esri Canada teamed up with the Trans Canada Trail to produce an interactive map that will help with trail maintenance and community sharing of the trail.
Thanks to trail volunteers and partners, The Great Trail is connected to 150+ communities across Ontario. Ontario's section of The Great Trail stretches over 5000 kilometres, and offers a diverse range of trails allowing for a multitude of world-class outdoor experience in urban, rural and wilderness settings from the Quebec to Manitoba borders. Looking for a place to hike, cycle, paddle, ride, cross-country ski, snowmobile?