In the original draft where Amy was the only companion, Gaiman added a "heartbreaking monologue" by the character, further stating "you get to see what it's like to be the companion from the companion's point of view, and she got to talk about essentially in that version how sad it is, in some ways. [10], "The Doctor's Wife" features a makeshift TARDIS console, which was piloted by the Doctor and Idris. Written by View production, box office, & company info. With minutes before her body fails, Idris reveals that House had stranded many TARDISes before, and that its pocket universe is hours away from collapsing. He was critical of Jones' performance of Idris, as "her early eccentric behavior tends to grate rather than amuse" though her performance calmed down later in the episode.

At the time of his encounter with the Doctor, he implied that he was at least half a million years old. A remnant of the TARDIS's matrix, in Idris' body, states that she will not be able to speak to the Doctor again but will be there for him. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. [9] This title remained until about six weeks before the episode aired, but the crew was beginning to worry that "Bigger on the Inside" would give away the surprise that Idris was the TARDIS, so it was changed. [16] Adrian Schiller previously appeared in the Eighth Doctor audio drama Time Works where he played Zanith. The original plan focused on the idea of the Doctor being pursued by an enemy inside the TARDIS, but went through several subsequent changes; Gaiman changed the plan to focus on the companion due to the Doctor's knowledge of his ship making it too easy for him to escape his enemy, made the TARDIS the threat rather than just a specific alien to avoid making it a simple 'cat-and-mouse' game, and then included the idea of Idris to account for what happened to the TARDIS's mind during this attack.

"[15] Later, in March 2011, Gaiman confirmed Michael Sheen would also guest star in the episode to voice a character. The episode was seen by 7.97 million viewers in the UK and was met with positive reviews from critics, with praise for Jones's performance. Realising its food source had been eliminated, House decided to change its behaviour by possessing the now empty TARDIS and using it to reach the main universe to find new sources of energy. However it showed anger and even fear when the TARDIS returned to her rightful home and was defeated by the TARDIS matrix. The Doctor makes a disturbing discovery, he learns who the House is, and worse he learns the fate of a lot of timelords.Only a little pointer but we hear the concept of a timelord being able to regenerate into a male or female.I applaud the utter imagination of Neil Gaiman, this episode it totally off the scale, but it's a ball of fire, total fun.This left me completely in love with Suranne Jones, she's totally mad and utterly fun, her performance is just brilliant.

The Doctor's Wife [3] The Doctor refers to Nephew as "another Ood I failed to save"; in "The Satan Pit" the Doctor commented that he did not have time to save the Ood. For other uses, see, Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation, Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form, Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form), "Matt Smith Video and New Series Overview", "Doctor Who series 6 episode 7 review: A Good Man Goes to War: mid-series finale", "Neil Gaiman interview: all about writing Doctor Who", "Neil Gaiman reveals power of writing Doctor Who", "A Fairly Humongous Doctor Who Q&A Mostly", "Doctor Who: The Doctor's Wife – Series 32, episode 4", "Michael Sheen to appear in new series of Doctor Who", "Network TV BBC Week 20: Saturday 14 May 2011", "Eurovision TV ratings reaches 11-year high", "Doctor Who: which is the best episode of this series? Uncle, Auntie, the Ood Nephew and Idris came upon House and lived on his surface. His other "slight criticism" was that Karen Gillan and Darvill were "sidelined", but praised their performances. House was a malevolent, mysterious entity which lived in a small space outside of the universe. House deletes the secondary control room as he prepares to break through the rift to the main universe, which the Doctor anticipates. [12], The move to the sixth series also meant Gaiman had to include Rory, who had ceased to exist in the original slot in the fifth series. And a lot of heart when in the way it deals with an important relationship rarely addressed on the series". Idris's body then disappears as the TARDIS matrix is fully restored. Use the HTML below. The trapped Time Lords would perish. After landing in a junkyard, the TARDIS shuts down and its matrix disappears. The asteroid, called House, removes the matrix, and places it in the body of a woman called Idris. It had servants it kept around for entertainment. The Doctor briefly tells his wife, who is lying in a dark room in their cottage, about his "row" with Boulton. Dyrham Park, Dyrham, Gloucestershire, England, UK, What to Watch if You Miss the "Game of Thrones" Cast.

She has some cracking one liners, my favourite of course being the chin joke.I love the rather disturbing bits of Amy and Rory trapped in the TARDIS, these scenes are particularly nasty.It's a very dark episode, the pizazz and madness at the start hides what is actually a deep and nasty story. This idea was raised when Uncle introduced the Doctor to House through a mesh-covered hole. House was a malevolent entity residing just outside the Universe which fed on TARDISes for their artron energy. (TV: The Doctor's Wife). "[7] The episode was originally titled "The House of Nothing"[8] before Gaiman sat down to write it, but that was changed to "Bigger on the Inside". To amuse itself, House used the TARDIS to play with the minds of Amy and Rory. The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory follow a distress call with the identification of the Time Lord the Corsair to an asteroid outside the universe. He plays with their senses as they try to flee through the corridors, and then sends an Ood called Nephew after them.
House existed as an intelligence in a space-time rift. Amy and Rory are trapped inside as the House-controlled TARDIS dematerialises. He used Auntie and Uncle to speak when he first met the Doctor, Rory and Amy.

Bewildered and no doubt curious, he answers, only to be presented with a mysterious box which carries a distress signal. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. [24] The House planetoid in the pocket universe was filmed on location at a quarry outside Cardiff.
Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? [9] "The Doctor's Wife" was also a fake title attached to the 1984 serial The Caves of Androzani; then-producer John Nathan-Turner had changed the title to that on his planning board in an attempt to weed out a suspected leak in his office. The green glow in the eyes of the Ood called Nephew was presumably also an indicator of House's direct telepathic influence. The episode was originally slated for the eleventh episode of the fifth series. The central idea was a "what if" scenario to see what would happen if the Doctor and the TARDIS got to talk together. When meeting the Doctor, House called the Time Lords a kind race. [2] In The War Games (1969), the Second Doctor contacted the Time Lords using a cube similar to those seen in this episode. [4] The Doctor admits he killed all of the Time Lords, alluding to the events of the Time War. But what everyone finds is a dark Junk-yard planet populated by the bizarre Auntie, Uncle and Nephew. Despite this he had no issue writing the dialogue.