For this you need to go to your state’s eprocurement site or the state in which you want to apply for e tendering. Most suitable contractor is the contractor which fulfill all the term and conditions, if there is more than one suitable contractor then the tender is gives to the contractor which having lowest rate of contract. This bid strategy should summarise the proposal in a few keywords, prior to writing the narrative or incorrectly ‘copying & pasting’ from previous submissions. It’s important to note that sometimes this can take some time and may not leave unsuccessful companies time to appeal, so experts approached by Corruption Watch advise keeping in contact with the government department and checking on the status of the tender process. Missing the specified deadline results in disqualification. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 10. While whether you are new to Tendering or have the scars from previous sourcing events, consider Arvo’s unique supports from both sides of the coin, whereby we; Contact us today to discuss how we can maximise the return from your next Tender. Most of the Government Entities that issue tenders follow these procedures to the letter, but there are some Government Entities that do not follow all the procedures. The procurement team will typically involve: Capacity to deliver is the primary risk on the buyer’s mind when awarding new business. By Werner van Rooyen, Director of HowToTender (Pty) Ltd which specializes in tender consulting and tender training. 4. The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) invites tenders for the provision of Consulting Engineering Services for the Improvement on National Road R30 Section 9 from Ventersdorp (km 0.0) to (km 29.0). STEP 2: Search for location (Easy Process), STEP 3: click on tenders by location and fill the location of project, Here you see all the tender present in your site location, Took your tender by clicking on red color link and you will able to see all the tender details, Here we get the option of tender notice ( or NIT) and other is downloadable all the document zip file, STEP 4: Click on Download as Zip file to download all the document, STEP 6: Enable editing of sheet as given below in pictures, How to Calculate Shuttering and Concrete Quantity of Footing, Differentiate resource levelling and resource smoothing, Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) Calculation in Excel Sheet- Download BBS Steel, Brick and Earthwork, Timber - Structure of Wood | Type of Wood in Construction, Design of Staircase according to IS 456:2000, Cost per sq ft Concrete Slab in India - Estimation Exclusive, MORTAR MIX RATIO FOR WALL PLASTERING & BRICKWORK.