Factor analysis was conducted first to determine the factors that affect to the information security. << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 5072 >> Data for this study were collected through a survey. IndoDev Niaga Internet is a factor access control and security operations. In order to ensure the security of the information, then in, Nowadays, universities in many countries are encouraged to take their research products to the next level by translating them into commercialized products to benefit society at large. Number of construction Bidding Issue during bidding, . 224 0 obj <>stream stream J. Tendering process Public tender advertisement (Tender Notice) A tender notice should be advertised in local newspapers for smaller projects and in both local and state wide newspapers for larger projects. xڕ;ے�6v�� stream endobj Y. Zhang, H. Luo, and Y. x���P(�� ��endstream time it takes to do qualification evaluation. The limited human resources in both number and competency is another important issue to consider. h��[o�0ǿ��7_b'HU��-ݴ��Z�M�x���H��$������q�>���c�����9�%��$��� W�pN �}�0�B�f�~���� The findings of the study not only provide a clearer picture of collusive practices in construction projects in China but also provide a better understanding of collusive practices in other emerging economies. << /Type /XObject /Subtype /Form /BBox [ 0 0 100 100 ] 10) Citizens have to be resourceful6 in the evaluation of the data/process to make use of this data. endstream endobj startxref Likert scale assessment and factor analysis were used to measure the questionnaires and analyze the data respectively, while proposed solutions were established from experts’ judgement.This study showed that there are 135 problems that occur during tendering process. The detection result would be more helpful if it can report potential fraudsters as early as possible. x���P(�� ��endstream ! © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. The paper aims to discuss these issues. << /Type /XObject /Subtype /Form /BBox [ 0 0 100 100 ] To increase integrity and transparency, other than ethical, during the planning and bidding preparator, still problems happening with a total number of 135, of contractors with their personnel, works done, past, experience and performance evaluation. The contractor selection decision support system serves the needs of both academics and industry managers, as an integral part of project management. 1 0 obj Only a little attention has been paid to investigate the various drivers affecting the development of the USOs. endobj /Filter /FlateDecode /FormType 1 /Length 15 Although previously researchers have worked on the subject of contractor selection, a comprehensive decision support system for contractor selection has not yet been developed. stream x���P(�� ��endstream An early fraud detection model can be obtained by constructing decision trees or by instance-based learning. However, a lengthy detection procedure is also unsatisfactory in assisting traders to place timely bids. 17th April 2019. Design/methodology/approach - The research focuses on obtaining insights from field experts using both quantitative and qualitative methods. The current tendering process has vulnerabilities that can be exploited to negatively impact project delivery. tender committee, especially those officer bearers who were involved in procurement procedures. all factors are significantly related in former but not in latter. From the literature, we identified ten relevant factors for a USO’s survivability and 41 items to operationalize them, which we then used to develop a questionnaire. Every organization must ensure that information assets are protected and information security system has been implemented well. Home » Blog » 4 Types of Tender and Tendering Processes. Given that previous research on collusive practices concentrates mainly on the bidding phase, this study extended the research focus to the entire construction period and aimed to investigate specific collusive practices in Chinese construction projects. %PDF-1.5 199 0 obj <> endobj ���g{C�;'��;�|C��T�Ȁ�`A���|-������r>����c��j��D@�Ft�+�[)���Q6p�/�7\���u�ʜ�Bۜ�p��_|�1�kp��M��]���\^��T��1������g(�Q_�F��8�����ms|sj7. Findings - This paper presents a model for contractor selection that is wholesome in its take on the topic. The system to evaluate the lowest price, bid, candidates use below-minimum wage to pay the. endobj Although spouses shared in making and implementing task decisions, they tended to specialize, i.e., they differentiated roles. 7 0 obj Recent advances in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are considered essential and promising in improving sharing/exchange of project information as well as communication among construction industry stakeholders whilst reducing associated costs and time. After the factors that affect to the information security known, then observation and interview conducted to gather data about PT. Proposed solution to solve these issues are based on four pillars of reformation concept done by public procurement agency. A case study is conducted in a metro station project to evaluate the system. 3 0 obj IndoDev Niaga Internet is a provider of business solutions applications and implementation services that include application Human Resource Information System (HRIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). %%EOF A USO is a firm which is established to optimize or commercialize the Intellectual Property, Under fastly moving businese circumstance, it is very important to retain par excellence human resource and innovation. Int. PT. 27 The red team review determines one last time the following: If the themes are clear and evident. /Matrix [ 1 0 0 1 0 0 ] /Resources 27 0 R >> Number of Construction bidding Issue during bid preparation, . 4 Types of Tender and Tendering Processes. The main objective of this paper is to identify the causes of design changes and the implications on the Malaysian construction projects measured in terms of cost and time. The management of the construction industry is exponentially increasing in complexity since it has to deal with highly fragmented, complex and unique combinations of business relations, communications and processes. Further research with a larger sample is needed to examine hypotheses that could be generated from the factor analysis. Public tender had ofte, Based on the above findings, this study was conducted to, systems, infrastructure, human resources, procedures and, clearly, the time stamps, procedure and par.