You bring up a good point about Okabe’s memory, though. Suzuha also needs to receive a D-Mail in 2011 that warns her about the world line being shifted, and she needs to take Mayuri back to the past. We see Okabe come up with a master plan that involves faking Kurisu’s death in a plane accident which will also destroy all of the research papers. The scenarists even answered this in a Q&A, there is a huge amount of worldlines between VN V&A worldline and MWC worldline.And we've seen that on the MWC worldline (and the few worldlines leading to it), the "plastic surgery" twist never happened. Mayuri must convince Okabe to not give up on saving Kurisu and finding Steins Gate. Here is an explanation for the exact sequence of worldlines that happened in the end of the S;G 0 anime (which btw is similar to the S;G 0 VN since they did not contradict each other on anything). Some of the biggest culprits include the Telltale Games. It’s been a long time since I’ve fully read through the VN, so I don’t remember every detail, but the most common explanation I’ve seen is that it’s simply a different worldline. and Nitroplus before being adapted to a full-length anime series two years after its release. And your explanation on how the VN and anime compliment each other makes perfect sense now. However Leshiken still finds them and WW3 will still start due to Nakabachi's defection and the research paper Kurisu wrote being taken by him. One of the best things about Steins;Gate 0 is how unpredictable it is. He gets the idea to deceive the world and he successfully rescues Kurisu and destroys the Nakabachi paper. Steins;Gate 0’s ending can be quite confusing, especially if you do not keep track of which worldline the characters are in. Yes. Hmm, yes they can ? Because the player would randomly witness Okabe change personality. At the end of the story, Amadeus gets removed from the system with the help of a D-RINE. D-Mail 1: 2025—Daru records a message for old Suzuha in 2011 telling her about Operation Arclight (even though she has technically already done it, he still needs to so as to avoid a paradox). Saving the girls was in no way necessary to reach the Steins Gate. Press J to jump to the feed. NOTE: The little Suzuha we see in 2025 is the one that will go back to Okabe in the OG Stein's Gate, NOT the one trapped in the event horizon (the one that went with Mayuri.). We strongly recommend playing the original Steins;Gate if you want to try out the second visual novel in the franchise. Soon after the events of leading up to the introduction of the Amadeus protocol, we get to see the world through the eyes of Suzuha. You will never be able to foresee how your actions will play out and with the absence of time travel, there is no way for you to go back on your choices. This is the Suzuha born on MWC. (the fact they land at the exact same time means the fact the previous attempt landed doesn't happen, as we've seen with Arc-light, if time machines land at different times, they don't overwrite each other, the fact it's the same time is key)And this applies to Suzuha as well.They sent MWC Suzuha after telling her about Skuld. However, things do not have the same stakes in Steins;Gate 0. Looking at the VN canon, (Vega and Altair) by 2011 Kagari has had plastic surgery to look like Yuki, but once we get to Milky Way Crossing, she looks like regular, grown up Kagari. All that is left of Okabe is an empty shell of a man he used to be. It would be "natural" for Russia to observe Leskinen closely even regardless to his relation to StratFo. They're inseparable. Aside from the two major story paths, there are four side endings. How Is It Related to Dark Season 3. It would be sick if this happened if Okabe and the other labmems have bigger roles in future sci fi VNs series that takes place around 2036. Amadeus is public, and the fact it has Kurisu's memories is public as well. The story makes you feel as helpless as ever with its narrative. I’m sure you get many people with similar questions like this and I bet it gets pretty tiring to answer them over and over, but I really do appreciate it. =(. Nakabachi runs away with the paper which will burn up in the plane fire (because he already took care of the metal upa). They don't meet the previous attempt because they "overwrote" it. There are two versions of the game, with the Japanese variant being much darker than the western release. Please flair and spoiler tag your posts accordingly. In the VN he mentions giving their C-204 a new battery, making their escape easy, but it would be harder for Okabe to return in the C-193. Now, of course, this didn’t work the first time, but this isn’t the only message that needs to be sent. One of the merits of opting for the visual novel over the anime is the character arcs. However, it is unknown if the events leading up to World War 3 will still take place or not. Beyond that, your interactions with Amadeus changes the sub-branches of the plot and of course, the final ending. He has no way to experience Reading Steiner. I like to think it helped, I doubt it was mandatory. I don't think the Russians ever hacked Amadeus. By 2025 he realized what was the missing key but didn't have enough time to put it in practice (basically Skuld), so he sent a D-Rine to 2011 to tell his past self to "Connect the possibilities".New worldline : In July 2011, the girls successfully leave and Okabe receives the D-Rine (as seen in the anime), By 2025, he has prepared for Skuld and records the video for the Skuld Nostalgia Drive. They don't need to. The D-Mail explains how to deceive the world and how to make a loop in convergence, allowing Kurisu and Mayuri to both live and to prevent a dystopia as well as WW3. The only thing we know is that they know about Leskinen's whereabouts. While it might be possible for humans to preserve their memories, personalities and physical characteristics in the future, one life is all we have. If a "new" Suzuha travels from 2036 to 2010, she overwrites the fact a previous one landed in 2010. Thanks a lot for all of this. Okabe changes the future by getting Suzuha to meet Daru first. What is Ariadne’s Play? If you fulfill all of the above conditions in the game, Okabe will receive an email from the future (2025) after he fails to save Kurisu. That would end up creating a paradox, which as we know the world of Steins;Gate doesn’t allow. They could be stuck 5 years in the past for all we know, but the anime cleared that up and we know it's 18000 BC. But we see in the ending of the original series, a certain someone prompts him to open the mail and check the video, which brings me to... We see in episode 23 beta (and the opening of the visual novel) that the Suzuha there is NOT the same Suzuha that we see in the true ending. D-Mail 1: 2025—Daru records a message for old Suzuha in 2011 telling her about Operation Arclight (even though she has technically already done it, he still needs to so as to avoid a paradox). One thing I can say definitely: despite time&space Orihime&Hikoboshi (Mayuri&Okabe) will never be separated. Can’t remember it’s name or the uploader, though. At the end of the story, Amadeus gets removed from the system with the help of a D-RINE. So what happens when they all go to Steins gate? Daru created an untraceable message. (but they do, because they don't know if it could cause a paradox or not so better be safe). He decides to time travel in their first version of the time machine back to wherever Mayuri and Suzuha went, and to bring them back, ensuring he doesn't exist in 2025 afterall. From there on its up to viewer interpretation to piece together what happened next: -Either both time machines no longer work, and all 3 of them die in the past. If you made it all the way through this, THANK YOU and I commend you. Only then does Okabe’s attempts at saving Kurisu work out while every other possibility ends up in Kurisu’s death. Okabe's time machine is C193, which does not have the capability of going back to the future, so the last possibility you bring up doesn't exist. This is the same storyline you get to experience when you watch the anime. Careful with using the word "loop", it has a lot of implications x)Steins;Gate is more of an iterative process, there are no true loops. While Okabe does have the option of going back in time and trying again, he can’t bring himself to see the love of his life die one more time. I think I was trying to operate on the principle that Okabe went to save Mayuri and Suzuha from 18000 BC because he had to, but I completely agree with all of your points that, in fact, no he didn’t. For me, this would make the most sense: Suzuha of 2036 is originally sent back to 2011 and goes through the events of SG0; she takes Mayuri back to 2010 to call herself and initiate the slap; they both get trapped in the distant past; Okabe rescues them and brings Suzuha back to 2036 so that she can go through the events of the original SG in 2010.