Ultimately though the Seahawks can’t afford to let this chance slip by. Chris Carson suffers mid-foot sprain, will require MRI. The heat is taken off somewhat if you know public opinion is on your side. Atlanta — 1-5
 He then avoided a slipping defender and sprinted from half-way for a 58-yard touchdown (before adding the two-point conversion). There’s some breaking news I wanted to reflect on though: Update: Antonio Brown and the Buccaneers have reached agreement on a one-year deal, per sources. The intangible aspects of this matchup concern me. Not having the same season. The best case scenario is to earn the #1 overall pick in order to select Trevor Lawrence in the next draft. Nobody should be willing to just look beyond that because they ‘dodged a bullet’ they were more than willing to take. If you want to know what people think to an idea, get it into the media as a possibility and see what happens. Let’s consider an alternative universe. Finney. Fackrell isn’t going to come in and start wrecking games for you but he has a knack of rushing the edge, getting into the backfield and making things happen. The man who went to bat for him this week? Sometimes you have to roll the dice. This is a controversial prospective signing given Brown’s recent history. Even so, Fackrell has the length and size to play LEO and was a former blog favourite. The Seahawks spend the $50m they used in free agency this year to keep Clowney (or properly replace him) and add Campbell. 2018 (H) — 456 And how willing are they to create $3-4m in cap space to make it happen? It’ll be a lot more tolerable if they make an inspired move now. They invited criticism — although let’s be fair, many fans also supported the possibility of signing Brown based on his football talent. Schefter had a fancy ‘breaking news’ graphic to go with his tweet which I’m guessing he didn’t personally throw together in 15 minutes at home: With Antonio Brown’s suspension eligible to end after week 8, the Seattle Seahawks are now positioned to make a push to sign him, though they’re not alone, league sources tell ESPN. Having blown the cheap years when Watson was on his rookie deal, they’ll now have to operate with one of the most expensive players in the NFL on their books (not to mention Laremy Tunsil’s record-setting contract too). You can now support Seahawks Draft Blog via Patreon by clicking the tab below. The board then decides if the player needs treatment — rather than a suspension being immediately issued. Posted in Front Page News | 588 Comments ». Per Schefter’s report — they didn’t back out. It could help the NFL with its CTE problem, too. It’d probably take a deal even greater than the Yannick Ngakoue trade to make it happen. The Seahawks often have at least one. There’s nothing for the Jets to gain by firing their coach now. Let’s parse this a little. It’s adding years to dogs’ lives. One trade did happen today It’s increasingly likely he won’t play in 2020 and who knows if or when he’ll be available? If you missed our podcast on the Antonio Brown news and the Arizona game, don’t forget to check it out…, Posted in Front Page News | 137 Comments », Firstly — if you missed our podcast yesterday on the breaking Antonio Brown news and a preview of the Arizona game, don’t forget to check it out…, Thoughts on Yannick Ngakoue’s second trade of 2020. However, they are also $16m over the cap for 2021 as things stand. Instant pressure? Well designed plays expertly executed to emphasise yards after the catch. “I’m just not sure how realistic they’re going to be about the value of these players. Two linebackers attacking the same gap? The commentators are talking about whether they run a QB screen to kill clock on third down and kick a field goal. They need to come up with a plan, just like the Niners did, to restrict and limit them. Yannick Ngakoue on a discount deal for the remainder of the season would’ve been perfect. Perfect read to notice the 1v1 to the sideline then he just uncorked a wonderful strike. Your best source for quality Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective. Five more years? As good as 5-0 was — that’s not the goal. He looked exhausted. Excellent drop. Unfortunately not having a third rounder in 2021 would’ve made it extremely difficult to compete with Baltimore. He’s everything that teams look for in a high O-line pick — physical, athletic, consistent and with high upside. While the Seahawks already are well stacked in that area — they don’t have anyone quite like Irving. He was on our watch-list for the year and he has a great shot to get into the first round discussion. Chris Carson’s mid-foot sprain not considered serious, Alton Robinson plays 7 snaps as Seahawks fail to register a QB hit, DK Metcalf again mirrors Julio Jones with chase down tackle, Century Links 10/26: Seahawks Lose in OT, fall to 5-1, Cigar Thoughts, Game 6: I hate Cardinals week. Green, the end result will be the same. If you’re going to cross the ethical line to try and sign Brown — you better get it done and you better have a convincing explanation for those unhappy about it. If there was ever a time to be aggressive, surely this it? 2019 (A) — 455. Albert Breer reported recently that prior to the firing of Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff, the Falcons were considering dealing McKinley. Garoppolo, to his credit, is very good at the quick drop, set and throw.