Training of new hires, follow-up and supervise difficult or missed meter readings. After the title, we jump into a couple of regular quatrains …

Contracted to read electric meters for Duke Energy, Ability to work in any condition no matter the obstacle or weather, Walk or drive company truck over established route and take reading of meter dials. Block or unblock meters.

Meter reading activities to resume – what you need to know. Skills : Customer Service, Word, Power point, Keyboarding, Computer Skills, Dependable, Quick Learner. Corresponded with customer to establish location of meters, answered customer's questions and concerns. Key Accomplishments Developed strong communication skills with direct public Knowledge of the POS System.

Walk and drive over established route and takes reading of meter dials. Read electric meters and records volume used by residential and commercial consumers. Walked five to eight miles daily reading water meter readers, Completed this task in all weather and in all neighborhoods of city, Performed data entry during conversion from existing paper systems to computer-based, Experience working alone, in a team environment as well as unsupervised, Supervise daily tasks for a group of 40+ employees (safety, dress codes, time and attendance, etc. Operated and maintained electronic meter reading devices, including peripheral equipment. Headline : Looking for an opportunity to make a difference in retail sales. Removed defective and outdated meters and repaired damaged parts. We’re available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. Reported to service departments any problems such as meter irregularities, damaged equipment, or impediments to meter access, including dogs. Inspected meters and/or connections for defects, damage, and unauthorized connections, and records/reports irregularities.

Daily water service transfers, turn-ons/turn-offs of meters. Responsible for driving a company vehicle and carrying other expensive equipment. Accurately read tiny dials on gas meters in a fast and efficient manner, Imported readings into portable, handheld device, Experienced with working in grueling conditions and severe weather, Received numerous acclamations and performance awards, Read electric consumption meters and recorded volume used by residential and commercial consumers. This is easy to do online at Creation of medium and high voltage power lines.Electrical installations and equipment maintenance. Responsible for safely replacing electric meters and retrofitting gas meters as a contractor. Responsible for recording readings off meters accurately and checking for abnormal usage as well as damage/tampering to meters, Working outdoors in all types of weather conditions, Being responsible for your own well-being and mitigating situations to ensure proper safety precautions are being taken in every situation, Driving company vehicles in a professional manner and utilizing safe driving techniques per protocol of company, Using protective personal equipment in a correct manner to prevent injury and maintain safety in certain at risk situations involving mostly dogs or other obstacles, Interacting with customers and representing the company in a professional way. Walk or drive vehicles along established routes to take readings of meter dials. Managed the flow of correspondence in/out of the Company. Learned to work independently and meet production goals set forth by the company. Read electric, gas, water and steam consumption meters and entered data into hand-held computers, Walked and drove vehicles along established routes to take readings of meter dials. The basic job role of a Meter Technician is to drive along and take a record of meter readings in various facilities. Communicate between internal and external customers to fix billing errors and improve meter location information. Gather clientele's meter data for billing. All rights reserved. Be respectful and polite to all customers. Completing assigned workload unsupervised. Complete work in a timely and safe manner while caring and respecting customer property and privacy. Used gas powered pumps and blowers, and gas analyzers as necessary. Objective : An enthusiastic and energetic individual who desires to succeed in an environment of growth and excellence. Seven years experience in the oil and gas field includes taking gas samples, calibrating and repairing meters, stain tube samples, meeting and communicating with well tenders, also fused poly pipe for pipelines. Reported to service departments any problems such as meter irregularities, damaged equipment and impediments to meter access, including dogs. Developed in-depth knowledge of arc flash ratings and standards. Successfully completed all required training tests, Demonstrated ability to adapt to new working environment in a short time period, Established positive working relationships with co-workers and supervisors. Leave messages to arrange different times to read meters in cases in which meters are not accessible. As you can imagine, the calls upon that Emergency Fund will be considerable at this time; together, let’s make a difference. Verify readings in cases where consumption appears to be abnormal, and record possible reasons for fluctuations. Consistently updated knowledge of safety requirements and policies. Indicates irregularities on forms for necessary action by serving department. Read electric meters and enter data in route hand-held computers. Skills Used Assisting customers with questions and concerns.

Precisely read electric and gas consumption meter dial, and recorded readings of residential consumers. Obtain & maintain records of all services & repairs being performed on all accounts. Managed assigned workload and completed it in a timely manner with little supervision. Report to service departments any problems such as meter irregularities.

Posted non-payment notices; posted sign-up or shut-down notices; turned water services on and off as requires and made appointments for readings to be re-checked.

Monitored inventory daily. Communicate with other grid one employees and supervisors while in the field. Write meter data and transfer to a computer to be collected for billing. Able to multitask, perform high level quality checking with accuracy and attention to detail. Identified, addressed, and reported safety and encroachment issues. Report to the proper personnel customer complaints, inquiries and evidence of meter tampering. Testing and gathering information about consumption. Verifies readings to locate abnormal consumption and records reasons for fluctuations. Walked or drove vehicles along established routes to take readings of meter dials. Verified reading to locate abnormal consumption and record reason for fluctuations. Form and Meter. Read residential and commercial customers' electric meters. Provide outstanding customer service with a smile to our happy and not so happy inside and outside customers.

Prevent any hazards by wearing appropriate personal protective equipment. Read and interpreted data collected from water meters. Verified readings in cases where consumption appeared to be abnormal and recorded possible reasons for fluctuations.

Inspect meters for unauthorized connections, defects, and damage such as broken seals.

Maintained perfect attendance, passed all safety audits. Tested voltage in circuits using voltmeters. Verifies reading to locate abnormal consumption and records reason for fluctuations. Our meter readers will aim to read your internal meter as soon as government advice dictates it is safe to do so, but you can still submit your own meter readings periodically until our meter readers are allowed to resume internal meter reading duties. The following skills and qualifications are basically needed to work as Meter Technicians – fundamental math skills, attention to safety, English language knowledge, an investigative nature, and strong eyesight, the ability to operate job-related electronic devices, mechanical knowledge, and profound ability to handle difficult and sensitive situations. To consistently meet and exceed company standards while working with fellow employees to better the company. Walked or drove assigned route recording volume used.

Dividing the medium voltage lines to equalize loads, and maintenance of the switchgear like orbs, ring major units and the sf6 circuit breakers. The Emergency Fund helps give children caught up in emergencies access to safe, clean drinking water when they need it most. Looking for cover letter ideas? Skills : Certified surface electrical repairman, Automotive technician, Certified fuse replacement technician. Turn service off for nonpayment of charges in vacant premises or on for new occupants. Water Efficiency in the Industrial Sector. Managed staff of 30 meter readers and 2 assistant supervisors. Visually inspected gas meters for damage or tampering. Vehicle inspection report and vehicle mileage report. Find out what is the best resume for you in our Ultimate Resume Format Guide. Inspected meters for defects, damage and theft. Experience with handheld meter reading computer equipment. Providing prompt, courteous, and professional assistance to our customers. Under current government advice, resumption of external meter reads is the safest way for our staff and contractors to be able to take meter reads for your business. Placing cable faults, repairing cut conductors, line faults. Interacting with customers on a daily basis providing information and top customer service. Summary : Over 11 plus years as utility meter reader. Demonstrate experience with various hand tools such as cordless power drill, voltage tester, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, scraper, and vice grips.

Detecting and reporting signs of meter tampering or theft of service. Performed public safety & utility checks with Gas Measuring Instrument(GMI).Reported any safety, gas leaks or field issues to the supervisor. Responsible for the safe operation and inspection of assigned Company vehicle and equipment.

Read water meter or steam consumption meters and record the volume used; inspect the meters and their connections for any defects or damage and supply repair and maintenance workers with the information necessary to fix damaged meters.