SMSs will be sent to both parties to print insurance and repairing reports (for the harmed party) through MoI website by using the sent accident number. Make sure to carry all the documents – Qatar ID, Driving License, Vehicle registration and Insurance documents. ILoveQatar. Be sure to check for any injuries to yourself and other passengers. Some insurance companies have the option of submitting documents via website, email or fax. Saad Al Sulaiti thinks Qatar-first and encourages you to do so too! Do not, under any circumstances, leave the scene of an accident, as this reflects very badly on you with the police. @ILoveQtr

If it is only 3rd party insurance you would have to bear the expenses at a garage. In the case of injuries, call both an ambulance and the police. If the responsibility is clear in the accident, the investigator will complete the report and register the accident. We’ve got loads of cool new features and to help make sure your account is secure, you’ll need to reset your password the first time you log in. The question of papers aside, it's often the case that emotions, tempers, and anxiety can run high among people involved in a car accident. How ajeeb was that!? Thereafter you will receive a police report which will enable you to fix your car.

Comprehensive insurance means full coverage for all financial losses in an accident, while third-party insurance covers injuries to third parties. If the accident requires further investigation, the investigator will report that the investigation is not complete. Many cars come with signboards showing an accident, so place them on the road to alert other drivers. Pictures are of great help to insurance firms when looking into your claims. You will probably need to call them or go to their offices to complete the formalities.

The accident may not have occurred due to driver recklessness but a technical glitch in either vehicle.

The motor insurance does not cover you and the damages you cause if: For an exhaustive explanation of the coverage, please refer to your policy wordings. A minor accident can be resolved amicably, and a simple discussion can always potentially lead to a settlement. Often this may not be required as nowadays the insurance claim process is via online. A day earlier — the second day of Eid Al Adha — three people were killed in a car crash near the Doha Corniche. Traffic accidents in Qatar has dropped to 5.4 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. If you have anything you want to share with us, send us an e-mail at [email protected]!

If there are no injuries or, if they're very minor, move your vehicle off the road to prevent traffic from being blocked. How did you deal with it and what further tips would you suggest? These are the first things the police will ask for when your vehicle is involved in an accident, so do yourself a favour and make sure these documents are present and updated!

Manama: Five people were killed and two seriously injured in a car crash in Qatar’s capital Doha on Monday. There are multiple advertising possibilities with the ILQ network, drop us an e-mail at [email protected] for inquiries! Read more: Avoid road accidents by following these tips The General Directorate of Traffic is always keen to establish awareness campaigns for drivers from time to time in order to reduce traffic accidents and number of deaths caused by traffic accidents.

You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Even if you deem injuries to be minor, it may be wiser to call for an ambulance. Request for an ambulance if someone is injured. A report ensures action can be taken against the guilty party. Welcome to our brand new site!

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Before moving the vehicles, take 4 photos of the vehicles with at least one of them showing number plates.

The first and most important advice to remember is this: be prepared. Things to know about UAE’s UBO norms: Deadline looms. This website stores cookies on your computer. One newspaper said the victims were all Filipinos, but no formal identification has been announced yet.

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If both parties agree, you can move the vehicle to the side of the road in order not to block traffic. Once you have moved the vehicle, take down the other drivers phone number, name and Qatar ID number if possible. Qatar police officers speaks English, but not all of them are very fluent.

Be patient, smile and be respectful to the police. Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to like and share this article -- it keeps us going! But it is always best to be informed on how to act and react if you ever get involved in a car accident in Qatar, no matter how minor. No one should be moved if injuries are bad as this could make the situation worse. This section is about Living in UAE and essential information you cannot live without. If the accident involves another vehicle and you spot injuries amongst others, immediately call the ambulance service for treatment. The first and most important advice to remember is this: be prepared. Transporting accident victims is the duty of emergency service personnel, who will take them to the nearest hospital.

If you are not at fault then find out from the other driver which insurance company his car is insured with. You must wait for the police to arrive to carry out an assessment. Car Accident in Qatar: Police Report, Insurance Process 2020, Scenario 2: Injury / Major Damage / Parties do not agree on who is at fault, Scenario 3: Hit and run / Accident or scratch while at the parking, Scenario 4: Accident without another party (Hit on a stationary object), Car Accident in Qatar: Steps To Be Followed, Step 1: Emergency calls – Police / Ambulance, Situations when your motor insurance does not cover you, 13 Traffic Violations in Qatar That Can Land You in Jail, Things To Know Before You Rent An Apartment In Doha, How to Get an International Driving License in Qatar, Qatar Family Visa: Requirements And Step By Step Guide, Qatar Family Visit Visa Requirements And How To Apply, Doha Metro Map, Stations, Timings, Ticket Prices. Otherwise, you will be fined QAR 1000 and three points will be registered against your license. New to ILQ? Other newspapers reported that a Philippine embassy official, who visited the hospital mortuary, said all bodies have been burnt beyond recognition. A notification SMS will be sent to you asking to wait for another message to complete the procedures. After police verify the accident on-site, you will receive an SMS with an accident file number and asking you to visit the insurance company. They will open a file and you will have to wait for a week in case someone comes forward to claim responsibility. Take the car along so that police can inspect if needed. Ever heard of a ‘plant mom’? A handy tip is to take pictures and note down details of the accident -- particularly if you're not to blame. Copy of both sides of your car registration, Copy of both sides of your driver’s license, You are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, An accident happens if you cross the red light, An accident happens while you drive at an excessive speed, You drive on sand dunes without off-road cover. Make absolutely sure that the documents listed below are with you at all times when you're in your car. However, don't move the vehicle if the accident is a major one, or in the case of severe injuries. In the case of a minor accident involving another vehicle, both sides can consent to move their cars.