I look forward to working with community stakeholders for a bright new future for the property,”  City Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson, whose district includes the property, said in a statement. Preserving Our Water: How we use our Delaware Watershed. Two more wells show possible PFAS contamination near Dover Air Force Base.

The EPA had previously waived about $350 million in biofuels compliance costs for PES after its initial bankruptcy in 2018. Implement, at the minimum, the city’s required 50-foot setback from the river’s edge for public waterfront access. The 1,400 acre PES refinery site on Philadelphia’s Lower Schuylkill River was purchased by Hilco Redevelopment Partners earlier this year after a fire and explosion in the summer of 2019 caused PES to declare bankruptcy.

On Monday, Sanders and members of Philly Thrive, an environmental justice organization that has led the opposition to the refinery for years, celebrated the first anniversary of its closure and demanded that the City of Philadelphia not extend the Keystone Opportunity Zone designation for the site or grant it any further tax breaks. “I think everybody from Philly Thrive to upper management, who were still getting huge bonuses on top of their salaries, everybody took it out on the guys who went in and worked there,” he said. After hearing the news, Sonya Sanders, a longtime South Philadelphia resident who lost her husband to cancer earlier this year, said she could now finally rest and start to heal. “We will systematically and proactively have an all-inclusive outreach to all stakeholders. Sale of the refinery complex ends an important piece of the lengthy and complicated restructuring process that started last July 21, when PES filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the second time in two years. The week it was sold began with a community rally that also served as a makeshift memorial service. Our goal is to jump start a robust public conversation about how Philadelphia can best integrate the site into the city over the next century”.

“We do not see the refinery starting, and our vision for the project is going to meet the new economy, which is more environmentally conscious from a development perspective.”. Under the settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency, PES will pay up to $10 million to buy renewable energy credits, called RINs, to satisfy its regulatory liability. Having a new owner who takes a long view on improvements to the site and on the possibilities for many potential reuses lets us be a city of what’s next rather of what was,” said Mark Allan Hughes, director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Kleinman Center for Energy Policy and head of the city Refinery Advisory Group’s environmental committee. Judge McHugh hasn’t changed his opinion on the injection site’s public health benefits. And that’s hard to accept for a lot of people,” said Robert Campbell, who worked at the refinery for over 20 years. The decision represents an estimated $2.2 billion investment for the central Delaware waterfront and overtook a Sixers arena proposal.

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This is not just my fight, but my mother’s and my grandma’s fight. City Council approved a bill extending those taxes on Thursday, with just one dissenting vote. The decision represents an estimated $2.2 billion investment for the central Delaware waterfront and. Hilco will keep and maximize the use of the Schuylkill River tank farm, pipelines, and access to the waterfront and railyards, Perez said. When asked to comment about the completion of the Hilco purchase, Smith wrote in an email that he did not have any comments to share. On Monday, June 22, as Black Lives Matter protests continued nationwide, members of Philly Thrive, a local grassroots group, arrived outside the “Cleanup and responsible stewardship of the refinery facility by a reorganized debtor would have been lost, which would have had threatened negative consequences for the environment and surrounding community.”. In the interview with WHYY, Hilco’s Perez committed again to working with the community and hiring local workforce to redevelop the site. The closing of that sale, originally scheduled to occur by May 31, has been delayed in part because of logistical challenges caused by the pandemic, according to sources. The former refinery’s development follows on the heels of the recent, – a massive planning process that began 14-years ago ad was largely driven by public input.

“I feel the workers were, across the board, everybody’s scapegoats.”. Ethanol producers, who sell the renewable credits, had objected in the first bankruptcy that allowing PES off the hook would undermine the Renewable Fuel Standard, which is aimed at bolstering the biofuels industry. “But we’re demanding that Hilco is 1000% invested with us in this process.”. The Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) refinery was —until last year — the largest and oldest gasoline refinery on the East Coast.

Alternatively, merchant refiners such as PES can buy credits for each gallon of ethanol that others blend into their fuels. A rebroadcast of the morning show. “While the active emissions of pollutants have stopped, the legacy pollutants will continue to be an issue that must be tracked and monitored to protect the health of communities in the immediate area,” said DeCarlo, also a member of the Refinery Advisory Group.

Campbell had a well-paying union job he thought he was going to do until he retired. Police shooting interrupts hearing on proposed police oversight commission, Pa. sees highest new daily case count since pandemic began, N.J. coronavirus recovery: Vaccination plan filed with CDC. Drexel University, 3141 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, 215.895.2000, © All Rights Reserved, The 1,400 acre PES refinery site on Philadelphia’s Lower Schuylkill River was, earlier this year after a fire and explosion in the summer of 2019 caused PES to declare bankruptcy. Visioning the Future of the Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refinery Complex, Visioning the Future of the PES Refinery Complex. Perez said the idea is to have multiple users at the site — “the Home Depots of the world, the FedEx of the world, the Targets of the world” — that need facilities for sorting and that can then take advantage of the site’s location to move their products through the port, the airport, by rail or on highways. The deal closed about midday Friday for a final price of $225.5 million. Accident: Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) Refinery Fire and Explosions . Hilco’s redevelopment plans call for a new logistics warehousing hub to be built on the site, though few specifics have been released publicly. “Not having a refinery there ends a long environmental justice travesty and puts Philadelphia on the right side of energy history. “This is a huge, huge victory,” she said. If approved, the lead concentration allowed on the first 2 feet of sites like the PES refinery complex would rise from 1,000 parts per million to 2,500 ppm. This successful public planning process for the Central Delaware Riverfront over the past decade-and-a-half – one that engaged more than 6,000-Philadelphians – could provide a template for how the city can create a framework for long-term growth on privately held land which advances both public benefit and development potential. Pa. proposes to relax non-residential lead cleanup standards. Here’s what we know about the developer buying it. South and Southwest Philadelphia residents and groups have.