– Stakeholder Outreach: Ongoing She says for a few days Kinder Morgan supplied them with bottled water. Kinder Morgan says the drilling fluid is primarily made up of a bentonite clay, which is a naturally occurring substance. Donations to the Texas Hill Country Legal Defense Fund can be made online by clicking the “Donate” button or by check to Wimberley Valley Watershed Association, PO Box 2534, Wimberley, Tx 78676 (Please mark Tx Hill Country Defense Fund on the memo line). The Permian Highway Pipeline would include the purchase from landowners of a 50-foot easement, plus an additional 25-50 feet of work easements, that would preclude certain activities (e.g. The WVWA and TESPA are partnering to pursue legal action against PHP and Kinder Morgan and to work together more generally for protection of groundwater throughout the karst geological region of Texas. You’ll then see all of the gas and liquids pipelines crossing the county. These terrible oil companies, their pipeline allies and bribed congress people like Sen Cruz (who says in his tv ad “I will fight for the oil and gas industry” against the American people have go \t to be stopped. Their front porch is about a mile away from the path of Kinder Morgan's Permian Highway Pipeline. “Keeping the pipeline out of the Blanco River has been our highest priority,” said Patrick Cox, TESPA executive director. Both are lifelong Texans and say there's something special about the serenity of living in the Hill Country. "Sunday night I turned the faucet on, and mud, liquid, I mean just muddy mud water started flowing out of the faucet," said Albright. We've joined forces with TESPA in a legal action against the Permian Highway Pipeline to defend the water supply. 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From look at the Kinder Morgan map for Gonzales County, it appears that this location, is part of the pipeline route. That’s our sole source of water, and it was gone, unusable," said Albright. Sources: Houston Chronicle article Cloudy well water is displayed in a glass jar in this image from April 2020. We are working to identify the precise route in order to create landowner coalitions for those affected by the pipeline, which will help keep legal costs at a minimum. “To not be able to wash your clothes right away is not a good thing when you’re a physician," said Albright. Plans could change depending on easements, environmental or cultural surveys. Permian Highway Pipeline drilling fluid contaminates Blanco County neighborhood’s drinking water, resident believes (KVUE, 4/1/2020) Pipeline opponents focus on ESA: Agencies put on notice to comply with law or be sued (Hays Free Press, 11/13/2019) – Begin Construction: Fall 2019 Kinder Morgan’s plan has predictably drawn the ire of Johnson and other Hill Country landowners concerned about the pipeline’s potential environmental impact. “There is no good place for this pipeline in the Texas Hill Country, but we have been pushing to put it someplace less bad than in the Blanco River,” said Jeff Mundy, lead attorney for Trinity Edwards Springs Projection Association (TESPA). “There is no timeline in place for beginning the crossing process again. As residential development in eastern Hays County booms, it’s one of the region’s few large tracts to remain intact. What Does that Mean for the School Year? On 9/25/18, Kinder Morgan officials said it is or will soon be in contact with landowners of 233 parcels in southern Gillespie County who may be affected. However, when asked, he did confirm that those tests did not test for metal carcinogens, or cancer-causing metals. The pipeline, known as the Permian Highway Pipeline, will carry natural gas from a station near the Texas/New Mexico border to Houston. As if the inconvenience weren't enough, both Teri and her husband are doctors working during the COVID-19 pandemic. Last week Albright and Shaw got a water tank for their property. The problem persisted for hours, then days, and soon Albright realized she and her husband weren't the only ones with the issue. This is not safe for anyone. Some landowners, like Johnson, have hired attorneys to discuss their legal options. "If they continue drilling in this area I just don't know what's going to happen. ", Cloudy well water appears in glass jars in this image from April 2020. What we have witnessed is a worst-­‐case scenario for the people of Blanco and all Hill Country landowners and well owners in the path of Kinder Morgan’s Permian Highway Pipeline. Kinder Morgan Broke the Law & the Public Trust! It’s not just songbirds that flock to the Texas Hill Country. Some of its product will end up in Me… Click here for the county map Release TESPA NOI Package 0... by Craig on Scribd. Stay tuned for updates from the lab test the first of next week. ", Water from a well appears cloudy in this image from April 2020. In September, Kinder Morgan Texas Pipeline LLC and partners announced a new pipeline project that will connect the natural gas production of the Permian Basin to the Gulf Coast. “Residents have very little recourse and there’s no public oversight or accountability,” Zwiener said. “We’ve made hundreds of adjustments to the line based on individual landowner concerns,” he said. Each year, thousands of foster children in Texas are shuffled into little-known “treatment centers” where they are frequently neglected and abused. “It might ruin the drinking water for a lot of people.”. "They laid pipe all the way across the field in front of us, so you know, we knew they were there. What Can We Do About It? There’s not much recourse available to property owners who don’t want the pipeline on their land. “It’s just a beautiful piece of quiet country, with beautiful views and the river, and the small-town atmosphere," said Teri Albright, who lives with her husband, Milton Shaw, on 18 acres in Blanco County. The line will run north of Wimberley and South of Kyle. Once at the site, zoom in to Hays county, turn on “pipelines” in the interactive map’s legend. For the last several months satellite surveying equipment has been set up across the road from my property. It's been particularly hard on a couple who is now dealing with two crises at once. The landowner or Kinder Morgan? The golden-cheeked warbler — a compact, yellow-headed songbird that migrates from Mexico to Central Texas each March — is in trouble. KXAN article, we have property which appears to be possibly crossed by the pipeline, Good morning, Exxon Mobil joins Houston-based Kinder Morgan in partnership with Midland-based EagleClaw Midstream on the $2 billion Permian Highway Pipeline. It’s a Clear Reflection of Priorities. Kinder Morgan website When contacted by Kinder, they ask, “Are you going to hire a lawyer?”, my replay was “If you have lawyers why should’t I.”. Dems’ Fight for the House Will Shape Texas Politics for Years, The Texas Observer Kinder Morgan says construction is paused indefinitely at the site where the incident occurred on the Blanco River, although construction on other parts of the pipeline continues.