Saints and White Supremacy: Is Peter Claver “the Patron Saint of Racial Justice?” Earlier this summer, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops declared today, the feast day of Peter Claver, as a “Day of Prayer for [Racial] Peace in Our Communities.” From all diseases of body and soul. I mention this as an introduction to Saint Michael since he is patron of justice inasmuch as he assists us in coming to have the reverence we are to have before our Heavenly Father through, with and in Jesus. Two saints miraculously cured plagues: St. Roch and St. Rosalie. St. Roch gave all of his fortune to the poor at age 20 after his parents died. Help us to overcome our own sense of rejection and self-pity, so that we too can conquer in union with the rejected Christ. (St Lutgarde). Let this same sense of social justice flourish in us, in our nation and in our world today, to bring about a new rebirth of hope. We make our prayer through Christ our Lord. As St. Rosalie gave up all things in this world for the sake of Your Kingdom, through her prayers, may we love more fully Your Son our Lord Jesus Christ, who together with You and the Holy Spirit are one God forever and ever. Through his example, St. Francis reminds us that we are called to bring about justice and peace in our world, to end violence and war, poverty and oppression and to protect our fragile planet. Saint Martin de Porres, by joining your feelings of rejection to those of the rejected Christ and placing your faith and trust in Him, you conquered that self-pity which could have destroyed you.

Help us to overcome our own sense of rejection and self-pity, so that we too can conquer in union with the rejected Christ. Patron saints are often chosen today because an interest, talent, or event in their lives overlaps with the special area.

It may not be listed in the texts, but its impact is real and it was also recited after low mass for many years.

Saint Roch, pray for us, However, the saint survived after a dog helped him in the forest. Posted by prayers4reparation on December 11, 2011 in Prayers for Ordinary Time, Prayers to the Saints. Building in Poland – Watch Creation in 2-Min Time Lapse! Amen. ( Log Out /  This Priest Encourages Catholics Not to Give Up, 6 Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas Until The Baptism of Jesus, In One Infographic, A Little Girl’s 5 Ordinary (But Extraordinary) Ways to Grow in Holiness, Happy 5th Birthday, ChurchPOP! You have been named by the Church the Patron of Social Justice. She asked him to bring her remains into the city, citizens processed three times with her relics through Palermo. I also pray today for this special need and intention (make your intention known). Carlo Acutis’ Death. Thank you, St. Timothy for your continued prayers for (name person). - Now Available in Paperback and e-Book. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. O holy Archangel St. Michael, I ask your special protection and prayers for all police men and women, especially (name person). He was a symbol of the power of hope and prayer. Born of a noble family, tradition says St. Roch was miraculously born with a red cross on his breast. Despite the looming threat of COVID-19, the... Over the course of the quarantine period in the country, online streaming giant Netflix has been adding up Pinoy films to its... Halloween is just around the corner, and parents are scrambling to find a way for their kids to celebrate the occasion even at home... A Prayer to St. Martin de Porres, Patron Saint of Social Justice, Our Lady of Fatima celebrations, interior pilgrimages to be broadcasted online, Here’s what you can expect on 2020 weddings, baptisms, Sunday Masses, 10 Bible Verses to Welcome Abundance Into Your Life, Prayers of the Rosary: The Luminous Mysteries, Pope Francis Names Archbishop From Capiz as New Filipino Cardinal, 3 Ways to Practice Responsible Tourism Amid Pandemic, Netflix to Premiere ‘Alter Me’ Starring Enchong Dee, Jasmine Curtis-Smith. These lapses are causing great damage not only to the country but also to its people. O Blessed Saint Roch, Patron of the sick, Have pity on those Who lie upon a bed of suffering. St. Rosalie became the patroness of Palermo A sanctuary stands where the hunter found her remains. His feast day is October 4. 8 Black Saints & Holy People of God Every Catholic Should Know, With Prayers for Intercession, Already Failed at Your Lenten Penance? Massive St. John Paul II Mural Painted on Apt. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Angels can also be named as patron saints. You aroused among the rich a new sense of Christian social conscience to help the poor. Through her prayers, help us to remember that our destiny is heaven. Related Prayers.