Through the medium of public dialogue, the philosophy at The NGK Studio is to foster and share best practices. With a keen interest in crafting spaces in a sensitive way, Nandini has worked on a variety of project typologies like residential spaces, workspaces, adaptive reuse projects, etc.

After gaining experience in national studios likes STUP and Edifice, she set up private practice with her husband, Rahul Kadam in Ahmedabad. Her thesis topic was “Kalasadhana”- Academy for Arts which provided a platform to enhance one’s skills.

She has been a part of The NGK Studio since 6 months and has been working on different scale and type of projects for reputed corporate and residential clients. It is their approach to 'regenerative designs' in order to improve the environment that has been instrumental for their affinity with green buildings. 40 years of experience in working with artisans has also won her awards like AID TO ARTISANS award (New York), Kamala Devi Samman & NIFT Lifetime Achievement Award. New Building Material & Construction World. After gaining experience in national studios likes STUP and Edifice, she set up private practice with her husband, Rahul Kadam in Ahmedabad. Time delay had been a common phenomenon associated with nearly all road construction ... Tower Crane Manufacturers Target - Precast Construction, Growing Productivity Demand Driving Advancements in Motor Graders, The Four Dimensions of Industrialized Construction, Anipsotiki S.A. places trust in Goldhofer’s FTV Blade Lifter to transport wind turbine blades. A cultural anthropologist, art historian, photographer, exhibition curator and author of eight books about Indian art. Year Started : 1973 Specialities : Architecture Design Motto : Great attention to detail is given to every design aspect—deeply abiding by the motto “every aspect of design must celebrate the gift of life”. Special knowledge is required for building ... AMMANN ARX 91 Articulated Tandem Roller passes tough test.

Urban population is growing at the rate faster than expected and hence the providing residential units is one of the most important ... Plywood for Concrete Shuttering Work Film Face Shutter... India’s top shuttering plywood brand ALLIANCE manufactured by Sunrise Panels, is a high value product and especially designed for use ... An engineer in Satara, Maharashtra, has come up with a new research on building Ferrocement precast houses in a day using readymade walls and slabs, and nut bolts. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. “Architecture And Its Basics” By Ar.Hafeez Contractor. He has worked on high end office projects, Public buildings and competition entries.

The firm's myriad researches include tools such as the Transparency Site and the 2030 Estimating + Evaluation Tool which are publicly available to all. An interior and furniture designer maker for the last 30 years, Preeti is passionate about all things creative & loves bringing life to spaces. Manasi has graduated from BKPS College of Architecture, Pune. Globally, the language of Design is evolving into patterns that are mirroring Digital Technologies.

Pens her immersive, personal stories through her blog, 100cobbledroads. She has been a part of the design process, detailing stage, tendering process including tender drawings, GFC Drawings, Estimation, execution on site and has done site coordination and site supervision to achieve the desired outcome.

Grover's discovery of the secure relationship shared by the term 'green' and Indian vernacular architecture (with elements of courtyards, jaalis, brick, mud etc) has been implemented fruitfully in his designs which reflect salient features of traditional architectural construed in a contemporary vocabulary. The 42 year old firm is led by Architect Bob Berkebile who was also instrumental in laying down the foundations for the U. S. Green Building Council and the LEED rating system in 1993. Karan Grover An Indian architect who single-handedly won UNESCO World Heritage Status for Champaner; has pioneered the Green Sustainable Movement in India & built the greenest building in the world at Hyderabad. Contemplating life through needle-work, her stitch journal, adds contemporary philosophy to an ancient craft.

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Since May 2018, there have been ten 1000 EC-H 40 High-Top tower cranes with very high ... Progress Maschinen & Automation: Reinforcing cages for tunnel construction and wind-energy solutions. Bimal Patel. Mr Foster's quote "As an architect you design for the present, with an awareness of the past, for a future which is essentially unknown" is the correct mantra one needs to adopt for designing green buildings. The firm lays an extensive focus on the site's ecology and the building's use of energy and materials over its life-cycle.

Architect, Karan Grover & Associates: Besides being an architect, the Director of Grover Vineyards is a proud owner of the world's most elegant decanter, the Riedel Swan. Spaces such as Mall Atriums, Retail Stores, Themed Restaurants, Workspaces, Facades, Hospitality and Luxury Spaces, Landscape and Urban Sculptures, Exhibition Spaces, Showrooms, and Residential Spaces,etc. The NGK Studio has been recognized for its work through awards and publications.

Under the able direction of its founder and chairman, one of the world's most legendary architects, Pritzker Prize winner Sir Norman Foster, Foster+Partners has been hailed for their stunning buildings which marry cutting edge design and sustainable technologies. He is good in making detail drawings and project documentation including Tender Drawings, Estimation, G.F.C’s and Specification Writing. Artist at heart and passionate about buildings, antiques, textiles, art etc. In order to reduce the ecological impacts of modern buildings, KGA has evolved a system of passive-cooling using wind towers. For the firm, green and sustainability is an inherent part of their thought process and not an aftermath.

Having over 30 years of experience in the conservation of India’s heritage, initially with INTACH and now representing World Monuments Fund in India. And most importantly serves BUSINESS BOTTOM LINE.

Architect Principal at Studio PKA – professes an uncomplicated design expression that is steeped in his reverence for materials in their organic form. Lawyer in her day job, she can be found around exploring all things history as and when time permits.

The interactions between cultural, natural and social heritage intrigue him. Annually since 1971, he has conducted a cross-cultural survey of rural South Asian art and culture. An art curator, art advisor, writer, editor, former gallerist, and critic. Karan Grover. The firm also acknowledges forgotten traditions – the use of natural ventilation and natural daylight.


A sustainability forum forms an important part of the firm's Research and Development Group which has pioneered many solutions implementing renewable energy sources as well as creating novel tools like super-efficient wind turbines and new forms of cladding systems that can harvest solar energy.

As a founding partner of the NGK Studio, he leads various diverse project typologies as the principal architect. Today, the buildings are evolving to be more ... Strata raises 140 crore for Warehouse investment opportunity amid lockdown. With around 900 LEED accredited professionals and 125 LEED certified projects; HOK has been ranked as the number one role model for Sustainable and High-Performance Design for the third consecutive year by Design Intelligence, brought out by the globally known Design Futures Council. An Indian architect who single handedly won UNESCO World Heritage Status for Champaner; has pioneered the Green Sustainable Movement in India & built the greenest building in the world at Hyderabad. An architecture student with zeal to conserve our precious intangible and tangible heritage. Their offices throughout the world have been designed to LEED Platinum standards. The project has earned the highest sustainability rating, awarded by the U.S. green building council. An environmentalist, social entrepreneur and a responsible travel photographer. Infusing life into the etymology of ‘architecture’ as an act of building, is what makes it a verb for academician and renowned practitioner Karan Grover. He has taught and mentored several architectural schools in India.

It is one of the largest architectural design firms with a staff of 2500 and branch offices in China, Korea, Vietnam, and the UAE. Our Esteemed Clients that have been a part of our Growth Trajectory. The construction industry has the potential to adopt high-tech methods and solutions which could lead to a win-win situation for... ECHELON Paving at Delhi-Mumbai Expressway with VÖGELE Super 1800-3 ... Surelia Engineers Innovative Vibratory Roller Attachment for Backhoes & Excavators.

She has a total work experience of 4 years. Their recent book “Sustainable Architecture in Japan | The Continuing Challenge | Nikken Group 1900-2010 and Beyond" covers the firm's tested design features in their 'Green' approach to Architecture. He has been a Director-Partner at Edifice Consultants Pvt. She has worked on projects which helped her to gain immense knowledge of how the actual project works. Many people, particularly operators, have their own myths on idle running of engines of the machines they operate, such as idling ... Technology Adoption to drive Construction Industry.

It explains why cement hardens and... Inventaa finds Tekla the Perfect Solution for All Precast Projects. Recognised as one of the top design firms globally, Perkins+Will with a count of 1000 LEED projects is acclaimed as the greenest architectural firm in the world.

Geopolymer concrete (GPC) is an eco friendly product which uses ... Suggestive Framework for Mitigating Project Delays in Indian Roads & Highways Sector. “Green Architecture” By Ar.Karan Grover At College Premises.

A cultural curator, Director Programmes, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.                                           Known for their signature green buildings in Europe, USA and Asia, the firm is owned by Tengku Robert Hamzah and Dr Ken Yeang. He has been a Director-Partner at Edifice Consultants Pvt. NOTE: Designed and delivered project works in 15 years that were up to 4million sq.ft, in a cutting edge corporate environment.

The firm also conducts researches on a lot of aspects that influence their designs – human health and behaviour, energy, water, design tools, building behaviour, habitat and sustainable communities.

Ltd. for over 15 years, handling diverse portfolios like hospitals, hotels, special economic zones, IT campuses, schools, corporate spaces for global MNC’s such as: CDK global

Winner of the AIA Gold Medal for 2012, Architect Steven Holl's designs bear a 'phenomenological approach' and have a concern for man's existentialist – his bodily engagement with his surroundings. Its commitment to sustainability includes achieving carbon neutrality in its projects and practice by 2030, obtaining credits for all HOK design professionals and attaining LEED Gold certifications or higher for all HOK offices. The one architect I always admired was Santiago Calatrava, weather it was because of the unique shapes or the use of materials, all of his buildings have their own sense of charm and identity to it. We like to explore the spirit of the project - something that is often hidden behind the ‘functional’ requirements and project economics. Sustainable Architecture has featured as a core element in their design projects.