It probably comes as no surprise to learn that recruiters start with a keyword search when trying to find viable candidates for open positions. LinkedIn makes it easy for recruiters, who usually have a Recruiter account, to search for candidates based on their work history, job title, or college. Recommending/Endorsing someone on LinkedIn gives them credibility in their achievements and will do the same for you. When conducting a search on LinkedIn, the algorithm provides a list of other people for the recruiter to review who have similar characteristics to the people that show up in the search results. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And, Open Candidates is proving to be popular: over 3.4 million members are already using it. In addition, make sure your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete to reach an All-Star profile status and take steps to be more active on the platform if you aren’t already. Recruiters can easily access Apply Starters through the spotlight filters, right in LinkedIn Recruiter. You’ll get up-to-date insights on more than 690M+ members, advanced search filters, and recommended matches to prioritize based on who’s most open to hearing from you. This information is kept private from members’ current employers – so job seekers can signal that they’re open for business without worrying about their bosses finding out. LinkedIn Help - Finding Additional Job Candidates - How can I find additional candidates on LinkedIn? Easily share candidate profiles with hiring managers (with or without Recruiter access) for feedback. As a job seeker, you should have a large network on LinkedIn, because that will increase your chances of showing up as “someone else worth viewing” as a recruiter conducts a LinkedIn search. You can find these Open Candidates right in Recruiter, using the spotlight above your search results. They’ll notice who in those groups are leading conversations and displaying passion for their career or profession. If you’re searching for a job in today’s market, then you already know that having a LinkedIn profile is essential. With these challenges in mind, we’ve released three product updates to help you focus on the right candidates and improve your response rates by 2-4x. Required fields are marked *. How Recruiters Use LinkedIn to Find and Screen Candidates. (Bonus: these members are 3 times as likely to respond!) Recruiters will often search for specific industry or professional organizations like those mentioned above on LinkedIn. This makes them 4x as likely to respond to a recruiter as the average member. LinkedIn Groups offers a place for professionals in similar industries to collaborate with one another, post/view jobs, connect, and show themselves as industry experts. Recruiters will visit specific industry or professional groups on LinkedIn to see if there’s any potential talent there. That makes it all the more important that your job title and skills matches what most firms in the industry are using. You can find these candidates by selecting the new Contract Filter when performing a search in Recruiter. To make it easy to find candidates who would be open to contracting, LinkedIn members can now self-identify as a contractor by checking a box on their profile. Below is more on how to use these features, which are now available in LinkedIn Recruiter and Jobs. What Will the Military Be Like in the Future? The more creative recruiters out there will search LinkedIn’s public profiles using Google rather than logging into the LinkedIn platform itself. One of the primary advantages for recruiters is finding qualified candidates on LinkedIn who would be otherwise impossible to locate because they aren’t actively looking for jobs. This will sometimes reveal strong and talented candidates that they may not have found using traditional search methods within LinkedIn. LinkedIn member can indicate to recruiters that he or she is interested in hearing about new roles. Contact any candidate on LinkedIn with Recruiter’s messaging tool, InMail. The next time they need someone with those skills, they’ll search through the college’s alumni network. All in all, Nestle Purina USA managed to fill 38% more roles than the previous year. Prioritize candidates Narrow in on people who are more likely to respond: Those who’ve indicated they’re open to new opportunities or those who’ve engaged with your brand on LinkedIn. Over 70% of LinkedIn members have already opted in to share their profile – almost doubling the available talent pool for recruiters. Cut down your hiring time with access to the world’s largest professional network. Yet these members are just as qualified as other applicants, and are often still interested in the role. Learn how your comment data is processed. With these new features, we hope to unlock valuable new talent pools and provide candidate insights up front so you can make better hires with less time and energy. That will likely prompt other to start endorsing you, which is also a good thing. Your email address will not be published. Use LinkedIn messaging wisely. With Open Candidates, any LinkedIn member can indicate to recruiters that he or she is interested in hearing about new roles. They’ll take note of who’s posting relevant articles, asking intelligent questions, and giving insightful answers to questions posed by others. We’ve been piloting this feature for a couple months and there are now almost one million members across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom who have signaled that they are open to new opportunities on LinkedIn.