ajaxRequest.open("GET", "liked-question.php" + queryString, true); $(document).ready(function(){ If you have a Facebook account you can ask Rob a question about this place and they'll get back to you if they can help. It ends in Sunrise, Florida.

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Driving Directions & Drive Times from Sunrise to Orlando can be found further down the page. The drive time from Orlando United States to Sunrise United States is very much subject to the speed that you go, the route that you take and the time that you leave.

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Nearest airports and rail stations to Sunrise United States are also displayed where we have the data, along with the midpoint of the journey. $("#search-box").keyup(function(){ Orlando, FL and Sunrise, FL are in the same time zone (EDT). "0" + seconds : seconds; Hallandale View Towns near Miami FloridaMiami, Florida, United States Your flight direction from Orlando, FL to Sunrise, FL is Southeast (155 degrees from North).
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