Conversion factors and common units to be used for North American Cooperation on Energy Information, Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures Contract Specs, The Global Oil & Gas Industry: Management, Strategy & Finance. It is also “a project whose time has come” says Ann Smreciu, the lead for the OSVC. The oil sands will continue to remain at the heart of the Canadian economy in the future. Oil recovered from tar sands is commonly referred to as synthetic crude and is a potentially significant form of fossil fuel. Through these changes, the OSVC membership has grown, and so did the types of seeds being collected and the areas from which they are harvested.

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A vertical well is a technique for accessing an underground reserve of oil or natural gas that involves drilling vertically into the ground. …are called bituminous, oil, or tar sands. Conditioning starts the process of separating sand and bitumen and breaks apart any large pieces of oil sands. The future looks promising and busy.

The oil sand is mixed with warm water -- called a slurry -- and transported by pipeline to an extraction facility. Loan Interest Calculator: How Much Interest Will I Pay My Lender? Being able to access others’ experiences vastly increases the knowledge of how these plants live. There are two major forms of extraction I will explain to you today. The OSVC is also an example of how the oil and natural gas industry takes its land reclamation duties seriously: planning and preparing for the return of the lands it borrows back to Mother Nature, even before shovels enter the ground. Omissions? Why they do it: The money is good. How oil sands companies work together to reclaim land. Energy Education. "Summary of Statement No. “This homegrown initiative was built out of need, supported and driven by professionals willing to collaborate in the field and share the common challenges facing them.”, What makes the OSVC different from other, company-specific seed banking initiatives is the depth of collaboration. That changed in 1993, when she started working in the Alberta oil sands region with Syncrude, Suncor, Canadian Natural, Imperial and Shell. The OSVC is a forum for continuous improvement via collaborative discussion and sharing of results and learnings. Tar sand, also called bituminous sand, deposit of loose sand or partially consolidated sandstone that is saturated with highly viscous bitumen.

After clearing the area of trees, miners remove the top soil and clay. When other indirect jobs are taken into account, such as construction and manufacturing, retail and hospitality, that number is expected to rise to more than half a million jobs within a decade, the council says. This includes workers directly employed by oil sands producers whose daily job responsibilities are devoted to oil sands activities. Cancel anytime. In short, E&P companies can only maintain or grow revenue by acquiring or finding new reserves. Accessed April 19, 2020.

Seeds are harvested in undisturbed areas, then, once processed, are sent to the Alberta Tree Improvement and Seed Centre (ATISC) in Smoky Lake, Alberta, which is a facility managed by the Alberta Government. At an oil sands mine, the overburden is stripped away and large mining machines load the sand into trucks that haul it to a nearby processing plant. Instead, they hire contract drilling companies to drill wells for them and the contract drilling companies generally charge for their services based on the amount of time they work for an E&P company. This crude bitumen is upgraded in a special coking unit, which produces a blend of lighter hydrocarbon fractions to yield synthetic crude, naphtha, kerosene, and gas oil. By working together, member companies have a space to collectively discuss and then act on a number of items including best practices, seed propagation, inventory challenges and the development and implementation of strategies to address these items.”. The midstream segment is also marked by high regulation, particularly on pipeline transmission, and low capital risk. These activities incorporate traditional and spiritual components into reclamation that many Indigenous communities see as vital. When the hydrocarbons are trapped beneath less-porous cap rock, an oil and gas reservoir is formed. For example, some jobs require working 12-hour days for two weeks straight, followed by a two-week break. Change ), Be diluted with a hydrocarbon fluid to improve transportability, Undergo preliminary processing in an on-site upgrader to convert it into a lighter synthetic oil to improve transportability.

After arriving at the upgrading facility, the bitumen is separated from the water and sand and is prepared for transportation to the refinery.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. These activities are called well servicing and can include logging, cementing, casing, perforating, fracturing, and maintenance. These are the firms that search the world for reservoirs of the raw materials and then drill to extract that material. As Jack O’Neill, Director of the Land EPA at COSIA states “The OSVC is a fantastic example of collaboration in action. What will my salary be? Oil drilling and oil servicing thus represent two different business activities within the oil and gas industry. Or jet fuel if you’re super cool and decide to skip the traffic. These standards ensure seed collections meet adaptation and genetic diversity requirements—which in turn helps ensure that new plant communities established using these seeds have sufficient genetic diversity to survive, reproduce and persist over time in changing environments. Oil companies must look to invest in new technologies that will lead to energy consumption efficiencies and long term cost savings. Job prospects: There is a growing demand for direct and indirect jobs in this industry as production is expected to increase and baby boomers continue to retire. Financial Accounting Standards Board. A brief treatment of tar sands follows. Reserves are often used to value E&P companies and make predictions for their revenue and earnings.

We aim to create a safe and valuable space for discussion and debate. At the crushing facility the oil sands ore is dumped in and broken into chunks. If you are looking to give feedback on our new site, please send it along to, To view this site properly, enable cookies in your browser. What percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions result from Canada's oil sands? E&P companies often describe their production in units of barrels of oil equivalent (BOE). Since then, the OSVC has grown. Seed orchards can protect against this. The OSVC now includes collecting initiatives in the Southern Athabasca Oil Sands and the Cold Lake regions. Challenges: The work is often in remote areas, which means employees are away from home for days or weeks at a time.

The segment is also naturally dependent on the success of upstream firms. An exploration & production company is known to be in a specific sector within the oil and gas industry. It’s a requirement and a responsibility companies take seriously: as shown by a unique and important collaborative effort called the Oil Sands Vegetation Cooperative, or OSVC. The lighter crude-oil fractions are removed by solution, while the paraffins are removed by the bacteria in the water. There’s no denying it - Alberta is home to one of the largest oil reserves in the world. The Oil Sands Vegetation Cooperative (OSVC) supports the successful reclamation of disturbed areas in the oil sands. There is a cause for concern regarding the waste-water produced and sent to tailing ponds during the upgrading process. Bitumen does not flow unless heated or diluted; when it is at room temperature, it acts much like cold molasses, according to the Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development Oil Sands Information Portal. Welcome to The Globe and Mail’s comment community. What will my salary be? Education: A Grade 12 education is typically required, given that workers need strong reading skills to follow work procedures, including those related to health and safety. Accessed April 19, 2020. "Cap rock." I want to work in the public sector. The largest known deposits of tar sands occur in the Athabasca River valley of western Canada. Oil production is very important globally for obvious reasons. Director of the Land Environmental Priority Area, COSIA, Reclamation Operations Lead, Canadian Natural, Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), 231 million seeds for approximately 31.6 million seedlings. How Many Years Will It Take to Save a Million Dollars? Over the last 10 years, one in five times the waitperson has no idea how to divide the bill by two. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). These are the companies responsible for removing impurities and converting the oil and gas to products for the general public, such as gasoline, jet fuel, heating oil, and asphalt. The global energy mix in 2040: Rising energy demand means we'll need more of everything. My favorite stock is up 10%!" Write a note in the comments area of this story or e-mail your comment to and let us know what you would tell others who are interested in the profession. The oil industry has entered a new era, and the young professionals of tomorrow will need to be ready to lead the way. ( Log Out /  Coverage is as diverse as offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, to coastal logging camps in B.C., to construction camps in the Alberta Oil Sands. Accessed April 19, 2020. Sure, many parents love... Would you rather have $24,000 today, or $25,000 one year from today? The Alberta Oil Sands consist of naturally occurring deposits of bitumen, water, sand and clay. Open-pit techniques can be used to mine thick deposits of tar sands when they occur near the surface. How Stuff Works - Science - What Are Oil Sands? Drillers do not generate revenue that is tied directly to oil and gas production, as is the case for E&P companies.

"Conversion factors and common units to be used for North American Cooperation on Energy Information." Andrew C. Inkpen, Michael H. Moffett. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Also called tar sands, oil sands are areas of the ground that contain a viscous form of oil called bitumen. Wildcat drilling is the process of drilling for oil or natural gas in unproven or fully exploited production areas in search of new resources. Sections of forest in Northern Alberta have been cleared so the underlying bitumen can be recovered. “Over the course of one year ATISC can ship up to 2,000 kilograms of seed for seedling production, direct seeding, testing, and research trials. If you leave the hazel seed on the stalk long enough to be mature for harvesting, the seed will likely already have been eaten by wildlife. To ensure seeds are usable, the OSVC also prioritizes developing and honing a collection and storage protocol for needed plant materials—from how to harvest to how to establish those plants on site. I want to be an artist. "The Origin of Oil," Pages 1-3. E&P companies report their oil and natural gas reserves—the quantity of oil and gas they own that is still in the ground—in the same bbl and mcf terms. “The importance of respecting and acknowledging the land before we take from it is a core message we have heard.”. Content is edited by CAPP Communications; questions on editorial content may be referred to Through the Oil Sands Vegetation Cooperative, companies work together to bank seeds and reclaim the land using native plant species. Misconceptions: Mr. LeFort says he doesn't believe there are any misconceptions about oil sands workers. By Jenna Dunlop.