This is not a sci-fi or even a horror movie. At first I thought it was just a boring, meh film. This is obvious because after the family comes together, the aliens absolutely dominate what happens on screen until about…. It blends family mystery with science fiction and paranormal layers. Some good tricks with characters. I don’t reveal anything specific, but do discuss the way the plot develops which would not be good to know if you want to go into the film knowing nothing at all. A pretty solid sci-fi thriller that takes a few odd and unexpected turns, with a final act that maybe doesn't hit the way they thought it would, but overall it was an enjoyable viewing. While Solis was a Gravity-style film which concerned one astronaut’s plight as his damaged spacecraft heads into the heart of the sun, Dark Encounter takes place in a 1980s Pennsylvania and concerns the trauma a family suffer when they return from a visit to town to find that their 8-year-old child Masie has vanished from their house. © Letterboxd Limited. IMDb I was looking for a scary movie and decided to be open-minded and give this sci-fi thriller a chance. My problem was with the last half hour when everything went in slow motion and wrapped up too neatly. Review by Tony the Terror️‍ ★★★★ 1. If you love 80's Amblin/Spielberg sci-fi and you want to see E.T. They must have been hired. Especially the last 25 minutes it packs a strong powerful punch which is why I upped the rating to 4. Not at all. This movie is not about aliens or abductions. However, what might be their reasons for doing so, and what is the actual intention of their visits?
I always try not to do this but this time there’s no other way. So it’s like Gerald’s Game, but with aliens? Dumbest, goofiest movie ever- spoiler alert In the review, Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2020.

Written and directed by Carl Strathie2019, 97 minutes, Not Yet RatedFrightfest International Premiere on 23rd August 2019, Starring:Laura Fraser as OliviaMel Raido as RaySid Phoenix as BillyGrant Masters as KennethSpike White as Noah. Coincidentally, and rather conveniently, they start to experience strange phenomena. The family remain together but as the evening draws on, strange lights appear in the nearby forest. Aliens. So many of these now involve 3 kids in a camper. That’s novel in itself.

Starred Laura Fraser (who I knew from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul)... it wasn't bad by any means, just could have been SO much better! 2019 Particularly distraught is the missing girl’s uncle Kenneth (Grant Masters), who is a local policeman. there are also very sans-zombie outbreak movies. It explores how we often. Reaches the halfway point and you think 'yeah it could have ended there'. 8 y.o. Dark Encounter is the new sci-fi thriller from the team that bought you Solis, Carl Strathie’s directorial debut.

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Close Encounters of the Two and Three Quartered Kind. A year after the mysterious disappearance of an 8 year-old girl, we meet her grieving family as they return home from her memorial service in their small town. Dark Encounter is a sci-fi movie following a family who come face to face with an extraterrestrial encounter after their daughter goes missing. This is a really odd film that while mid throughout the entire thing, for the most part, seems to culminate in the first half-hour. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. The married man with wife and two kids (one went missing a year earlier) was insensitive towards his son throughout the movie while he constantly nasty towards his three brothers. For 2 parts of the movie they are nailing it with tone and atmosphere. It's bold approach to showing without showing made for a slow build, but one that was necessary for everything to come together so neatly. Sometimes it was due to the okay, but not always good actors, the interesting, but often boring atmosphere, or the uninteresting characters. Beautiful and atmospheric but also slow and nonsensical alien abduction picture. You don't know if they are bad aliens or what the heck is going on but they are persistent in trying to communicate with this family of a tragedy that recently happened. Sure, there were some well-made moments, such as the appearance of certain beings in connection with this breathtakingly otherworldly soundtrack, but that's about it.
My main list of 3,329 noteworthy movies on Amazon Prime. It was a woman who saved the teen boy from knives (it couldn't be a man). Not the plot, but how they (whoever made this) genuinely thought this was a convincing film. Report this film, My first thought from this were of the following films:Fire In the SkyETClose Encounters of the Third KindSignsInterstellar (which was more toward the end of the film). Long list of movies to watch for halloween. Family comes home to find daughter missing. Download Dark Encounter on, webseries99 10000+ titles Including Netflix, Prime Videos, Hotstar, Apple Tv+, Bollywood, Hollywood, and South India.