Currently it is estimated there are about 111 Camorra clans,[1] and about 7,000 full members. La Paranza dei Bambini was made into a film – The Piranhas, directed by Claudio Giovannesi – which won a Silver Bear best screenplay award at this year’s Berlin film festival.

He turned and tried to escape through the front. The customers were embarrassed, one version goes, because they saw right through him, as if he were a king playing foolishly at pretend. My friend was outraged, but her father paid what he could of the ransom. “I am Paolo Di Lauro, and I am a shopkeeper.” He then fell silent, as he has been ever since.

Most of the named 17 survived. It is one of the oldest and largest criminal organizations in Italy, dating to the 17th century. There is no lack of respect implied.” But there was also no point in carrying on.

[13] According to the parliamentary inquiry commission of 1996, Ciro Mazzarella headed a true illegal empire: 200 billion lire in turnover, for a net profit of over 6 billion lire monthly (€4,4 million monthly, in today's exchange).

The guard fell backward and lay stretched for a while, repetitively moving his hands to his chest until he lowered his hands and died.

The crime syndicate, like others across Italy, is trying to exploit the post-lockdown vacuum.

Un problema europeo, "Preso a Santo Domingo Ciro Mazzarella Era in un lussuoso residence: oggi in Italia - Corriere del Mezzogiorno", "Droga, il triangolo Scampia-Madrid-Bogotà Così la camorra ha colonizzato la Spagna", "Gerald Oropeza tendría nexos con capo de la "Camorra Napolitana, "Gerald Oropeza y sus vínculos con la temible mafia 'Camorra Napolitana, "Il procuratore capo della Repubblica di Napoli, Giovanni Colangelo nel mirino della Camorra e della Sacra Corona Unita? The gambling shop was narrow and had space for only six machines against one wall.

He opened his heart to get the job done. They kept tapping phones and trying to piece together the puzzle. It is said that Di Lauro himself ordered some of those on the list to be killed to show his good faith, but it seems more likely that he simply acquiesced in their fates. When the police broke in, he was not armed. It was the state’s first break, but a lousy one. "Now, more than ever, popular support comes at a discount," says Luigi Cuomo, president of SOS Imprese, the national anti-racketeering organization protecting small and medium-sized enterprises.

He said, “For a political leader, it’s easier to speak to a Camorra boss than to 100,000 people to get a message across.” More than that, he said: the Camorra sets standards, enforces laws, keeps police power itself in check, fends off aggressive tax collectors, employs a huge percentage of the population, creates and distributes wealth more efficiently than any other sector of society, and stands in to keep things going, especially in times like these, when the national economy has failed and the currency itself is at risk. Cosimo, aged 30, was a full-blown psychopath known for brutality. In memory there is a golden era when the Camorra was strong. They arrived by motor scooter, found Di Lauro at a street market, shot at him, missed, and chased him around until he escaped. According to justice collaborators, the late boss of the Catanian mafia, Giuseppe Calderone was the godparent in the baptism of one of the Mazzarella's sons. "Now, there is no need to threaten business owners. And they shoot. The Secessionists were more numerous, more experienced, and better armed; the Di Lauros consisted now mostly of the pretenders who had accepted Cosimo’s leadership. From his logistics base in Lugano, he created an enviable economic empire with cigarette smuggling that arrived from Montenegro. The dog slept in his own room.

Contact Unlike the pyramidal structure of the Sicilian Mafia, the Camorra's organizational structure is divided into individual groups also called "clans".

With generational change has come a change in style. Whereas the older mafia bosses often operated out of the limelight, observing omertà - the code of silence – today’s criminals broadcast their exploits on social media, where they pose in designer clothes, clutching €200 bottles of champagne. He cared for nothing if he did not care for his family.

The parks are fenced off for safety. He was that in love with her, still.

He did condone some killings, but these were quiet actions within the clan, not public vendettas. Delays, a lack of funds and poor administration of seized properties often leave them in limbo: "As long as the clans see them there unused they think it is their own property and they show people their presence," says Luigi Cuomo. He was so averse to standing out that the police knew nothing about him for years. One day not long ago two men stole the station wagon, then called the family’s apartment and demanded 2,000 euros in cash for the return of the car. The Camorra is an Italian Mafia-type criminal organization, or secret society, originating in the region of Campania and its capital Naples. He did not strut.

The man in charge was a detective. This included going to outside vendors for additional supplies if they could find them at a better price than Di Lauro offered. Scampia is what poverty looks like when Corbusierian city planners try to impose their utopias on people’s lives. The judges I spoke to all recognized this truth, and yet these were the same people who had taken Di Lauro down. They heard frequent references to someone named Pasquale. The heroin was going for eight euros a dose—hardly more than a pack of cigarettes, and one-fourth the price in Milan. The victim was alone in the room. Soon enough, in 2010, the Secessionists themselves split into two groups—veterans of the war with Di Lauro, known as the Old Colonels, and upstarts led by a notoriously violent kid in his early 20s, known as Mariano, who rides around not on a motor scooter but on a powerful dual-purpose Transalp motorcycle, wearing a full-face helmet in the fashion of killers. “Of making the dealers flee like rats.

The resulting conditions, however, are so extreme that in 2007 the European Court of Human Rights held that certain aspects are in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights, and that same year a U.S. judge refused to extradite a heroin trafficker to Italy because of concerns that 41-bis would be applied to him and might constitute torture.

The lawyer told me he had wondered aloud if the child would perhaps at last be a girl, and Di Lauro answered that he could not even mention this to his wife because she might take the question as a criticism for not yet having provided him with a daughter. In any case, they themselves are often involved, whether as lookouts, needle vendors, or the recipients of the Camorra’s aid. A few months later, on September 16, 2005, he was found by the police in the simple apartment of a humble old woman who had been sheltering and feeding him for a fee.

He sold to people what they came to him to find. Cuomo blames the central government for delays, ineptitude and confusion in handling the crisis which, he says, boosted the perception of mafia money as an opportunity and last resort to avoid bankruptcy.

The house was the same simple one Di Lauro had lived in as a child, though expanded, fortified, and guarded.

They were deep Neapolitans who spoke a dialect nearly unintelligible elsewhere in Italy. He was a great one for drawing lessons from life. During the Dark Ages, the High Clans and Low Clans marked the upper and bottom rungs of vampiric society, with one's ancestry greatly influencing the possibility for advancement and respect. But the gunman was not cool about the killing. It is possible that the world should no more root out the Camorra than make Neapolitans operate on time. In the early 1990s Mazzarella had amassed a great wealth, in 1992 he decided to move to Switzerland, after losing a war between Camorra clans in Naples.

He owns a station wagon that he uses to transport another daughter, who requires a wheelchair.

For the safety of the group, regrettably, a few men had to be made to disappear. Was he proud of what he had done?

They thought he was at most a mere captain, and in the Licciardi clan. Once released, members formed clans in the cities and continued to grow in power. But he did not feel sorry for himself. He was not much for flirtation or fun. And: You have to be willing to go to war, but if violence is your only skill, you will lose in the end and die. But it is doubtful that Di Lauro ever put on such a show, or that his customers would have recognized him if he had.

After much confusion and fuss, all that came of Ruocco’s cooperation was his own conviction for conspiracy. There may be a moment of recognition at the end, but by then the man can no longer stay alive. A new generation are replacing the old mobsters in Naples and abandoning the traditional code of silence, Lorenzo Tondo in Palermo and Gianmaria Tammaro in Naples, Mon 25 Feb 2019 05.00 GMT I asked them if they believed in the superiority of the Italian state, and all but one replied no. He did not isolate himself from Naples as a northerner might have.