The work of a tax accountant is to adjust the net operating results and rearrange the information generated by financial accounting to conform with the tax reporting requirements of a country. Branches of Accounting or Different Types of Accounting.

Branches of Accounting (or) Different Types of Accounting: Your email address will not be published. The person who performs the work of audit is known as auditor. Here we will explain different branches of accounting or you can say various types of accounting to make you understand accounting in much more detailed way. This information is afterwards used for tax estimation and tax planning. The basic accounting principles and concepts used while applying not-for-profit accounting are the same as used in regular or general purpose financial accounting. ACCOUNTANCY. Management Accounting: These branches of accounting are maintained by companies only for internal purposes. Examples and Limitations. Tax accounting is also important for managers because taxes usually have a significant impact on the expected outcomes of proposed decisions. 5. custom and taxation laws applicable in different countries. Please will I be certified after learning all these. Your email address will not be published. Governmental Accounting also maintains accounts for public sector companies.

The auditor gives his opinion about the fairness of all accounting information examined by him. Cost Accounting: Management accounting is further divided into cost accounting. Currently we do not have the material in PDF format. Tax Accounting: All tax related matters are categorized into Tax Accounting. The reports and information generated by financial accounting system satisfy the needs of external parties to great extent. Specialized forensic accountants are hired for cases like damage claims, insurance claims, suspect fraud and claims, business valuations or any other finance related matters. BRANCH ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS. A well established cost accounting system is essential for every business enterprise to have a proper control over costs. As the reports generated by management accounting are not used by any external party, the business enterprises don’t need to take care of GAAP. Government Accounting: It’s one of the branches of accounting system which manages funds uniquely. Professionals need to have various different skill sets and specialized accounting within this area to accomplish government accounting. Explanations, Exercises, Problems and Calculators, Introduction to financial accounting (explanations). Branches of Accounting (or) Different Types of Accounting… Required fields are marked *. These services are requested by a government entity. Our Notes/Books contain all … Please which branch of accounting is good for a doctorate degree. This information is use by an organisation to control and define strategic goals. What is a Balance Sheet? Time to time disbursement of cash for various expenditures offered on account of governmental services. 1. 4.

In accounting and business, there are two types of auditing – external auditing and internal auditing. However, the rules and methods followed by a company for preparing its financial accounting reports may slightly differ from those required by tax laws. Financial Accounting: Under this accounting, primary focus is towards accuracy of financial data towards external reports. It is represented by the assessment rules recommended by the countries tax laws. Different types of accounting that range from maintaining records, auditing to preparing income tax returns. All unsolved questions from his books/notes are solved by SANTOSH SIR in his video classes. 4.8 (22) There are several branches of accounting to maintain accounts at present. The term auditing generally refers to review, examination, verification, evaluation or inspection of historical data, records or events belonging to an entity. An important purpose of internal auditing is to evaluate whether the activities performed by the employees at various levels are in line with the goals set by management. Different types of accounting that range from maintaining records, auditing to preparing income tax returns. This will assist management in various decision making steps. Other accountants might analyze and evaluate the environmental impact of acid rain. Its my passion to provide valuable information over internet to people. 3. Show your love for us by sharing our contents. Forensic Accounting plays a role of witnesses in courts of law for financial criminal or financial disputes cases. Considering growing awareness about environment among public has lead organizations to maintain such kind of accounts. Primarily objective of organization’s behind implementing social accounting is to track environmental reports. I am from Nigeria? 8. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! External auditing refers to the independent examination of an entity’s financial statements and other accounting records that an entity publishes for the use of various stakeholders.

There is likewise regulator track, which requires join awareness of management and financial accounting. Format and Examples, What Is a General Ledger? Management accounting system uses historical as well as estimated data to generate useful reports and information to be used by internal management for decision making purpose. These accounting assess financial effect of loss or detection of financial fraud. 3. However, the rules and methods followed by a company for preparing its financial accounting reports may slightly differ from those required by tax laws. 7. Accounting professional trend to specialize in one of these field as their career option as accountant.