Bear in mind that overdrive and distortion are two sides of the same coin – and while some overdrive pedals could be used to push a guitar’s signal over the edge of breakup (and then some), they shouldn’t be expected to deliver the saturated aggression more commonly associated with their distortion counterparts. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Running it into a 30-watt tweed combo, we found it only took the lightest push from the clean boost circuit to tip the amp into full-on overdrive – and with the lows control at midday, it sounded every bit as pure and transparent as we remembered from the right-hand side of The Dane. Cooked up as a means to deliver Klon Centaur-like tones to the masses, the Soul Food from EHX is an affordable transparent overdrive that equips the same TL072 op-amp that drove the mythical overdrive that inspired it. A good overdrive pedal can do all this, while still maintaining the nuances and dynamics of a player’s raw expression. – Premium pedals don’t come cheap. Bring down the bass at the amp and get chugging. Please refresh the page and try again. Ages also gives you the power to finesse both the treble and bass ends of your sound and, even at extreme settings, we found the sounds usable across a variety of musical contexts. Given the numbers of overdrive pedals in the market today, finding the best for you won’t be easy. Other important features of device include: Joyo JF overdrive pedal is built and designed with 9v battery, 9v DC power connection. One channel is based on a JFET-based drive circuit, while the other uses a series of integrated circuits. EarthQuaker Devices’ Plumes shouldn’t be written off as ‘just another Tube Screamer clone’. At its most extreme, it’ll even sound a bit like an old fuzzbox, but without ever losing its refined sonic enhancement and superb touch dynamics. And like the Tight Rock, it feels more like an 'amp in a box' design than the lower-gain overdrive options out there. All these options don’t make the Sunset a difficult beast to tame. + 909 mode We’d love to stay in touch, sign up for the Guitar World team to contact you with great news, content and offers. + Distinct sounding boosts Rosie Heydenrych left behind a career in the charity sector to set up her small workshop in Surrey, which now specialises in English-grown timber and is building a customer base that includes Tom Quail and Martin Simpson. + Simple operation Price: £189/$195* Description: Dual boost pedal Controls: 2x Level, 2x lows I/O: Input, output Bypass: True bypass Power: 9V mains, + Warm and organic drive tones + Usable even at extreme settings The September 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! The waiting list is approaching two years, and if you can find one secondhand, expect to pay at least double the price of a new example. Finally, as mentioned before, the fact that they amplify the input signal means that any pedals or amplifier after the overdrive in your signal chain will react to it. The August 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! It has a more neutral EQ-curve than the String-Singer and an arguably more versatile voice that can take you from Clapton’s Blues Breakers days to Kossoff to Young. Faced with requests to turn the high-headroom boost circuit of the ThorpyFX Dane into a standalone pedal, Adrian Thorpe could have simply whipped out his hacksaw and created a two-knob tone machine. Ibanez Tube Screamer TS Mini. Price: $127.20 | Type: TS-like drive | Bypass: Buffered. Sing the blues, send your amp into raptures or unleash hell with the best overdrive pedals in 2020. The OCD is sometimes marketed under the 'transparent' overdrive umbrella, but that's not how we would describe it, as in almost all configurations it colors your tone in a very noticeable way. Hand-built on stripboard using top-of-the-line components in Hudson Electronics’ Yorkshire workshop, the Broadcast might look like it’s come straight out of a 1960s recording studio, but the ideas displayed within are innovative and original. In the final part of his intro to country guitar, Nashville sessioneer David Henricksson puts it all together with a pair of solos to master. Kicking off this extensive list, we are starting with one of the most popular Boss... 2. You can then stack ’em together. – Some may find it pricey. 3. Price: $285/£155 Description: Neve-inspired boost/overdrive pedal Controls: Low cut, low/high-gain switch, gain trim, level I/O: Input, output Bypass: True bypass Power: 9-24V mains, + Beautiful drive tones Visit our corporate site. This is the real triumph of the Brothers, as you can use one side to boost a drive on the other channel, or smash two fuzzes together. + Simple operation Nobels has slipped its iconic ODR-1 – a beloved secret weapon among Nashville session players – into a scaled-down enclosure. Price: $199.99/£149 Description: Dual overdrive Controls: Level, tone, drive, six-way mode selector (JHS, Boss, JHS/Boss, J>B, B>J, parallel) I/O: Input, output, red remote input Bypass: Buffered bypass Power: 9V mains, 9V battery, + Versatile gain range Even for non-players, Eric Clapton has become synonymous with the electric guitar – here, we pick just 20 examples of Slowhand’s fretwork from his varied career to serve as reminders of his extraordinary talent. Price: $299 | Type: Modelling drive | Bypass: Buffered. A three-way toggle switch positioned in the centre of the pedal lets you flip between clipping modes that range from Marshall-like symmetrical clipping, crystal-clear op-amp drive and soft-edged asymmetrical silicon diodes. The Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer has earned itself a congregation of devotees since its debut in the late 1970s, and four decades later, not much has changed. The current fourth edition adds a gain-boost toggle to ramp up your solos and lead parts, which can be independently switched with the addition of JHS’ Red Remote. + Sensitive response + Low noise floor – Presence control would be nice. Other features of the device include: Caline USA overdrive pedal features four main control knobs that is: bass, vol, treble and gain. Fulltone OCD V2 overdrive pedal. Ibanez’s 40th-anniversary reissue of the icon isn’t a little green box but a sparkling ruby one – but within its chassis, you’ll find the same all-analogue circuitry and the fabled JRC4558D IC chip.