This will give more scope to point out ways in which the human rights You should never make 'demands' on Governments. 5. All prisoners released on parole are subject to a statutory period of parole supervision. By July 30th 2017, have decreased the amount of prisoners in Bangkwang prison to 3500 people. If you want to help a prisoner, first establish regular contact with them through letters or direct visitation if you are in Thailand.

Always write your letters on the basis that the government concerned is open to reason and discussion. Be open and honest in your correspondence but stay level-headed and always remember that these prisoners are human beings. 7.

Don't give the impression that you are
3. Care packages are not permitted. 3. 3500 people is the capacity of the prison. Low hygiene standards, overpopulation, and hidden self-governing systems are among the open secrets whispered about life in a Thai jail. Bang Kwang Prison is typically reserved for prisoners whose cases have been finalised, although some prisoners inside are waiting for judgments from the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. English trafficker sentenced to death, Short description at the Department of Corrections, Thailand,, information about visiting Bangkwang prison, Checking Into The Bangkok Hilton: article in The Observer on visiting foreign prisoners,, Buildings and structures in Nonthaburi Province, Articles with limited geographic scope from November 2016, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2018, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles containing potentially dated statements from March 2018, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 1995, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 March 2020, at 11:29. Remember that everything you do and say can WE DO NOT ACCEPT DONATIONS OR COLLECT MONEY or ITEMS IN KIND, FOR OR ON BEHALF OF PRISONERS OR THEIR FAMILIES. Bang Kwang also holds prisoners whose appeals are pending in the Appeal Court and the Surpreme Court and Death Sentence Prisoners waiting for execution. Don't give the impression that you are writing because you are ideologically or politically opposed to the government in question. Medical care - Prisoners are provided access to the prison hospital. [5] if you have not walked in their shoes. keeping with basic principles of international law. prisoner, be clear in what you are requesting. If you wish to write an appeal or sign onto a petition to help the 4. Never use political jargon.

A photo would be a nice gesture of friendship. 4. Rumors about Thai prisons have not changed for decades. There are so many friendship-type cards available just to say "hello" to the prisoner. 6. bangkwang central prison thailand Built in 1930's Bang Kwang is a Maximum Security Prison which holds inmates who are serving more than 25 years. So please be patient. [2] Death row inmates were required to have their leg irons permanently welded on,[2] although this practice ended in 2013. situation can be improved. your concern for human rights is not politically based in any way, but in

affect the prisoner. It has a reputation worldwide for being one of the very worst prisons due … Your aim is to help a prisoner, not to relieve your own feelings. It is a part of the Department of Corrections. They are not novelty toys. [7][8], Chaovaret Jarubon, the last executioner in Thailand to kill by gunfire, died in 2012, having executed 55 prisoners during his career. Never use political jargon or profanity. Food generally the prison diet consists of one meal a day of red rice and fish head soup devoid of vegetables or meat. Be sure both your return and to address are legible.
Each cell has an open asian style toilet. Obviously, many of the prisoners are forthright in stating they are looking for relationships, but others are simply looking for a friend with whom they can correspond.

[Insert Building Number] will read your letter. Do not send cash in the mail.

It is far more effective to stress the fact that Always write your letters on the basis that the prison authorities So be cautious. If you have any special interest or link with the country, it is a Some prisoners have very limited resources and can't afford the stamps and/or writing material.

[Insert Prisoner Name] This will give more scope to point out ways in which the human rights situation can be improved. If you don't receive a reply right away, be patient. Generally, foreigners with Embassies have access to these resources but it still takes time and effort. Birthdays can be a lonely time. There is a store in the prison where prisoners with money can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables and other items. Sentenced to 50 years, he started his true life sentence in the notorious Bangkwang Central Prison, ironically dubbed the “Bangkok Hilton” by expat prisoners. [3] In the book The Damage Done, former prisoner and drug courier Warren Fellows recounts that the prison was nicknamed "Big Tiger" by the Thais because it "prowled and ate". Always be polite. UK Prisoner Michael Connell repatriated: Read here.

This can take the pressure off of you worrying about what to write that first time.

Some of these prisoners will rejoin our society one day. The prison houses many foreign prisoners. procedures, and to demonstrate an understanding of current difficulties. These prisoners are anxiously awaiting contact from the outside world.

[9], Free at last: Longest-serving farang at 'Bangkok Hilton' is checking out, Scot faces life in Thai prison after drugs are seized at airport. Letters can be sent directly to prisoners, and should be addressed in the following format: 2. 5. Bang Kwang Central Prison (Thai: เรือนจำกลางบางขวาง; RTGS: Rueancham Klang Bang Khwang) is a men's prison in Nonthaburi Province, Thailand, on the Chao Phraya River about 11 km north of Bangkok. government in question. Bangkwang Central Prison. Then seek their advice directly on how best to support them!

If you don't have time for a lengthy correspondence, remembering a prisoner on this particular day can have a tremendous impact. All letters are subject to censorship by authorities so please do not write anything that will offend anyone. For instance, you may have problems for the prisoner. [6], As of 1995[update] there was one man from the United Kingdom on death row at Bang Kwang, Alan John Davies. He wrote an autobiography in 2006, The Last Executioner, and co-wrote A Secret History of the Bangkok Hilton, with Pornchai Sereemongkonpol. They sleep on the concrete floor [on mats], side by side. Death rows for both men and women also are present in provincial prisons. You don't want to write anything that will cause 3. If you don't get an immediate reply, be assured that it is not because they are not trying to communicate with you. All prisoners are required to wear leg irons for the first three months of their sentences.

There are often delays when writing to prisoners because each letter must be censored before it is delivered to the prisoner. Some foreigners are able to secure better conditions, those who have access to Embassy and financial support. Show respect for the country's constitution and judicial procedures, and to demonstrate an understanding of current difficulties. Water - drinking water is available although the standard of filtration is questionable by comparison to western standards. 'demands' on the Government.