Fifield accompanies the expedition to an artificial structure and deploys his spectagraphs, which begin to develop a layout for the Juggernaut.

His body is incinerated by Parker shortly afterwards. When Vickers orders Janek to bring the Prometheus home, Shaw tells him that the Engineer ship is headed to Earth to release the black liquid and annihilate the human race. Ripley's struggle is the plot of the original series. [114] In a four-star review of Prometheus, Roger Ebert praised Rapace's performance as in the same strong-female-lead vein as Weaver's in Alien.
[131] Harris described Fifield as an audience surrogate who is very cautious and questions dangerous situations. When Fury Road was delayed, Theron was cast as Vickers opposite Rapace. On the journey back to the lander, Lope notices Hallett's condition deteriorating, which alarms him. [62], Amanda Ripley's introduction in Aliens was not included in the theatrical version of the film, since 20th Century Fox was concerned about the film's running time.

Amanda Ripley-McClaren, nicknamed "Amy" by her mother, is Ellen Ripley's daughter. He explores the Juggernaut and cuts his feed to Vickers, giving Weyland private-screening access as he learns about a last-surviving Engineer in cryosleep. He knocks Morse out, goes to the containment chamber containing the Alien, kills Arthur (who is guarding the door) and releases the creature—which promptly kills him. [27], Maggie Faris (Amy Seimetz) is the lander pilot serving aboard the Covenant and Tennessee's wife.

This time, colonial marines have impressive firepower, but will that be enough?

During the survivors' escape from LV-426, Newt is abducted by the Aliens, but Ripley infiltrates the hive and rescues her from the Alien Queen.

Dillon is one of the few prisoners to whom Ripley speaks after her arrival; he asks if she has faith, and says that his men have faith enough to accept anyone. [5] When the Sulaco crashes into Fury 161 in Alien 3, Bishop is damaged beyond repair and thrown into the prison's landfill. Creed cites the crew members being awoken by a figure dubbed "Mother" in a womb-like room, without a father figure, and with the comprehensive directive to provide life support, as being the poignant indicator to support her conclusion. Ten key questions", "Alien: Covenant May Feature Guy Pearce Appearance", "Exclusive: Interview With PROMETHEUS' Logan Marshall-Green", "Exclusive: Q & A with Prometheus star Logan Marshall-Green", "Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus': The Good, The Bad & The Ugly", "Badass 'Prometheus' Alternate Scene Would've Made the Movie So Much Cooler! Aboard Covenant, which Daniels is now in command of, another Alien is detected, forcing her, Tennessee and His ulterior motives are discovered by Ripley; his rationale is that the Aliens are an important species they cannot exterminate and the facility is a significant investment. He watches in despair as Ripley sacrifices herself by falling into the lead smelter. After Shaw retrieves a preserved Engineer head, the expedition is informed of an incoming storm and Holloway and the rest of the crew return to the Prometheus.