When these tourists helped cool off this gentle giant, the water they were throwing on it surprisingly fell in the same shape as the animal. 113 Favourites. With a plastic bag acting as a veil, these two water machines could be getting married. Comments 0. Adams in Washington was erupting, almost identical to the little boy in the story, accepted by the city of Vancouver as a real city park, BitHull Cryptocurrency Miners on Promotional Offer, CrimsonLogic Awarded both Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) and APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) Certifications – A First in Singapore, Thailand’s Electronics Sector Still a Magnet for Investors in Jan-Sep, BOI Data Shows, Recreate Cinematic Experiences with Samsung’s Latest Displays and Soundbars, Right In Your Living Room, AppotaPay is the 39th licensed payment intermediary services unit approved by the State Bank of Vietnam, Toshiba Launches Dual H-bridge Motor Driver IC With PWM Control for Mobile Devices and Home Appliances, Doctor Anywhere : Online mental health consultation service, Rotary Club of Klang Valley initiates mental health awareness campaign, CMC – A Thriving Business in a Post Covid-19, Evercare launches in-home COVID-19 testing, certified for all cross-border travel, Delta Singapore Showcases Smart and Green Solutions for Factory, Building and Farm Automation at its ITAP 2020 Virtual Event, Zayed Award for Human Fraternity Judging Committee meets with Pope, Informa Markets (Vietnam) and VWSA launches webinar on Investment opportunities for Vietnam’s water sector in the context of global economic integration, Local Young Leader Selected as a Youth Delegate for the 2020 YOUNGA Forum–Global Takeover of the United Nations, AXA Hong Kong Corporate Responsibility Week 2020 Mobilised 300 volunteers to promote mental health. While Facebook’s “People You May Know” feature is decidedly creepy, it also works in mysterious ways. That sign takes the term “redcoat” to a whole new level. Right when she came in, he knew he was up for an interesting ride. 104.8k Likes, 351 Comments - stephanie shepherd suganami (@steph_shep) on Instagram: “unintentional twinning with my wife.” Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. If only we could all greet each other this way. Marti's tg captions Hello dear reader and welcome to my small sanctuary. Monday morning, I found out Erin has a sister named Kendra who, like her sister Erin, has an Instagram page. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Well really, it doesn’t matter since I don’t have a shot with Erin Andrews or her sister, but I at least figured I would pose the question to you. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. People love coincidences – it helps them believe that the universe isn’t so random and huge after all.. From identical looking girls in class to dogs floating in bubbles, keep scrolling to see photos that are almost too perfect to be real. But the rings experienced a little celestial help when the moon perfectly lined up with them. Brother Picks Up Drunk Sister HD. Miss Jaded from the UK really captured this shot at the right time. Unintentional twinning @pelzomtsheringdorji_ we miss you @ Dechenphug Lhakhang ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. (READ CAPTION) - SAMIKHYA . A Reddit user posted this photo of her son Julian with a book she was reading to him, because she noticed that he was almost identical to the little boy in the story. Yikesabee I'm a day late. We are just a tad connected. A Reddit user noticed that a copper wire they were working with had an eerily human-like shadow. When this image was uploaded on Twitter with the caption “This photograph I took of this bird in the sunset looks so peaceful,” it didn’t take long for another Twitter user to share a different perspective – a rabbit flying through the air on skis. Sandy Glovinsky, whose Twitter bio proudly states “Maybe the oldest Taylor Swift fan around,” noticed that two trucks in front of him had aligned to form his favorite pop star’s name – Taylor Swift herself. You can buy wall art with the same quote (Twinning Store, $35) if you really want to drive the point home. I've been really struggling with writing this yesterday. 19 Comments. Nothing can come betwin us: A post shared by A store for twins by twins (@twinning.store) on Aug 7, 2017 at 7:57am PDT 4. This brother drove to pick up his sister after she went out for a night of drinking. Unintentional twinning with my sis @erinandrews at DWTS! Tg captions for everyone, Apologize for my absence but I guess you're probably used to the fact I'm mostly inactive on the weekends :), This turned out to be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than I originally planned :), Just some quick news before heading to work :), I couldn't get the picture that was originally requested so I had to use this one, Ugh! People love coincidences – it helps them believe that the universe isn’t so random and huge after all. I run a clean and lovely kitchen, I assure you." When you’re kissing as many babies as presidential candidates are, they can’t all be winners. ======= 10 Comments. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. The smoking hot sports reporter formerly worked for ESPN and now has a gig at FOX Sports. Here's Her Update On The State's Response To COVID-19, Police Seek Suspect In Connection To Fatal Shooting On Detroit's East Side, Libertas Christian School Sues To Stop Closure By Michigan Governor Whitmer's Administration, Unemployment Benefits: Gov. Camelot Conquering(FGO: Mass Twinning/TG) MirageSand. According to Hunter Culverhouse, the person whose legs these are, the paint was a complete accident – and it took a couple of re-shares for the photo to go viral at all. Flinging off her white apron, Diane Lachance scowled and pointedly asked, "Is your last name really 'Savage' or is that just a name you use to get a rise out of law-abiding restaurateurs?" Police: Roseville Drive By Shooting Leaves Woman With Fractured Skull, Police Seek 2 Suspects In Connection To Armed Robbery On Detroit's Southwest Side, Missed Gov. Curling irons, weave, and eyelashes at 3 am…that means it's the @dancingabc cast announcement now on @GMA, A post shared by Erin Andrews (@erinandrews) on Feb 24, 2015 at 5:06am PST, You were missed @brooklynddecker…buy this shirt here www.represent.com/brooklyn & $$ goes to charity, A post shared by Erin Andrews (@erinandrews) on Feb 1, 2015 at 8:16am PST, About to do radio row to talk abt the big game..DONT TASE ME BRO!!! 10/21/20, Explicit, Magical Gender Change, Story Incomplete . Whitmer Signs Bills To Extend Assistance For 6 Weeks, Michigan Reports 3,881 New Covid-19 Cases, 29 Deaths Monday, United Airlines Rolls Out Digital Health Passport, Stimulus Check Latest: Revised HEROES Act, Passed By House, Includes $1200 Payment; $600 Additional Unemployment. Maisie Williams, also known as Arya Stark on “Game of Thrones,” picked up a card in Trivial Pursuit asking the name of Ned and Catelyn Stark’s tomboy daughter – that’s Arya! Twinning captions 137. Both are about as good as it gets. 118 Favourites. Sadly, both Mario’s and Luigi’s have since closed down (you can see on Google Maps what’s there now), but there was a time when you could imagine that Mario and Luigi retired and opened their own small businesses in Manchester. Samir Francois shared a screenshot on Reddit, showing that Facebook maybe could see that these two unrelated strangers’ profile pictures would complete the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia. Story my MajorKerina Mayan Woman by El Jefe TG Captions Famed archeologist James Matterson’s attempt to steal a statue of a fertility goddess goes horribly wrong. What a perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream. 128 Favourites. I really can’t decide. Known as the Unipiper, this Portland citizen is taking the city’s slogan seriously. You can clearly see the nose, lips, and forehead. Whitmer's Press Conference? Photographer Bennett Christiansen had been trying to get the perfect shot of lightning for a year before getting this pic. A Reddit user pointed the happy couple out at his office. 4 Comments. A post shared by kendraandrews (@kendraandrews) on Apr 11, 2014 at 8:49am PDT, So proud of my sister @erinandrews for being a rockstar co-host on Dancing With the Stars!! Help me out by checking out their photos below and voting on which Andrews sister you think is hotter. From identical looking girls in class to dogs floating in bubbles, keep scrolling to see photos that are almost too perfect to be real. By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. We are just a tad connected. So now it’s up to you — who is the hotter Andrews sister? Male to female, body swap, transformation. Any requests to remove an image on the basis of personal addiliation or intended private copyright will be complied with immediately. Our must-read twin book is out now: Here are some of our all-time favorites (if you are looking for more, check out our extensive list of 120 twin sayings here or twin mom captions here): 5. Instead of falling on top of the power lines and probably knocking out power for multiple homes, this tree arched over the lines, saving everyone from a giant headache. © All Rights Reserved. We have also share Good Instagram Captions for Selfies.These Instagram beach captions will help you in your summer time. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. _____ [Caption Text] Arata Sanada thirsts for power. source Luke MacGregor/Reuters. But happy balata National Siblings Day to my girl @erinandrews !! caption An unintentional sixth ring. Just had some kind of a mental block and I really couldn't even write a paragraph. Art by Beth Weaver Adams in Washington was erupting – it is a potentially active volcano – but it was just a cloud that happened to be floating by. I will say twinning still. But, on National Twin Day, an Instagram caption will do, too. Hope to make another caption to fill the gap from yesterday. He didn’t grab top honors or a … If you ' ve been feeling like celebrating your very special other half, try one of these winning captions the next time you share a pic on Insta.. For the photo collage of you and your twin being besties for life: They had met off to the side, in the area used for the main banquet hall of the Match of Elegance Restaurant.